How does Corey Booker expect to win the presidency when it sound like he has balls in his throat?



America just loves their blackish liberal presidents.


he'll never be heard from. he is pedo.

Christian sinner

I think it is classic that such a Democrat with bullsitter intonations in his voice should be a contender. I have long believed that the Democrats don't mean anything they say. It's all image and winning elections. The truth is only of value to them if it serves them. The "Spartacus moment" was a great example of this. So full of "it".


Spartacus will never be president because like other democrats these days he only has appeal in heavy liberal areas. It looks like liberals will take a few round of losing because of the electoral college before they figure out that they need to stop trying to elect their dream to office.


I remember in 2008, when people like you ridiculed Barack Obama in exactly the same ways. He was a Kenyan Muslim who didn't have a chance. And you argued that even though people might tell the pollsters they were willing to vote for a black person, once they got into the voting booth they wouldn't be able to actually do it. Remember that?


Hey, you put a man who talks like a five year old into office and you ask that question?

Jerry S

time will tell, regardless of his voice, he could become President.


But? Can he tweet


No one is a gonna vote for him, we as Americans are tired of all rapists in this country.


Projecting again?