Someone used my card to pay their phone bill?

Okay someone that I used to be friends with just paid their phone bill with my card and I know it was them because the alert just came to my phone I have my card with me but they have my card in their saved payment methods. We’re not on speaking terms anymore so I have no way to contact them. Is there anything I can do so it can’t happen again besides cancelling my card? How do I remove my card from their saved payment methods or set it up so they can’t use it again and get my money back? Please help


You can call the credit card company and tell them that someone used your card # without your permission. That will get them to reverse the charge. (so if the 'non friend' used it to pay for 'Netflix'...their subscription will be cancelled...HA HA) Then you tell the company to replace your card. Because it has been 'hacked'. If you tell them that you gave your card to someone, not only will they not reimburse you for the charge, they will cancel your card and black list you. So it is better to wait 3-7 days for the new card than to let this continue.

Kt Skycat

You should be reissued a new card without cancelling the entire account. Report your card to the issuing agency and request a new card and new account number, and they should do so without cancelling the entire account. Good luck.


1)Report the fraud including the persons name 2) Request a new card, the number changes but everything else about the account remains the same


You report it to your card company or bank right away as a fraudulent charge. They should refund your money. The best thing to do is get a new card.

A Hunch

You need need to request a new card number from your bank/credit card company. You authorized this transaction when you gave this person your card number. It's not "oh, you can use it for this but not that". Give someone your card information and they can use it for anything. You can ask the person to pay you back. If they don't, you can sue them in small claims court. But depending on the amount of the bill, it is likely just easier to consider it tuition in the school of hard knocks.


Immediately report your card information as stolen and get the card frozen. It may take a week to get a replacement card. Give the person you speak with the name of the person you suspect used the card without permission. Call the police and report that your card was used by an unauthorized person.


If they have that information you gave it to them. Call the issuer of the card and get a new number for your card to stop it, and don't share. No way to get that back though, just mark it as school of hard knocks tuition.

Casey Y

Report this as fraud to your bank. You will likely need to change your card number, which is pretty easy.


credit card? or debit card? either way they will send you a new card...whats worse is that because you lent them your card once...means they can legally evade any charges you throw at them it has happened to me


no, cancel the card. Chances of getting your money back are low.

Rick B

You call and report it to your bank so they can pull back the money.

John Alden

Call the bank and have them block it from being used on that account and recall the money from the phone company.