What’s the worst part about investing in a multi-family home?



Dealing with tenants


Bad tenants


Constant complaints and tenant problems. You get dragged into it if the old guy upstairs plays his tuba at 2 am. Also most people don't want to live in these type houses so you get lots of problem tenants who may play their tuba at 2 am.

Kim R

Maintenance (if the building isn't new), plus tenants who fail to pay but never fail to have an excuse at the ready. Hire a property management company to deal with it, because it's going to be nothing but trouble if you try to do it all yourself.

Casey Y

That would be the other tenants...or just tenants if you don't actually live there. Maintenance is what it is...

Beverly S

Collecting rents and keeping up with maintenance.

A Hunch

assuming you plan to rent it = dealing with tenants


People fall out.


Mortgage and property taxes i guess?