I worked out of town for my boss he paid hotel but nothing for meals. Am unable to claim a deduction for this?



This year , no. Under the old rules (before 2018): Generally speaking (there are exceptions), if you were too far away from home to drive back and forth each day (I assume you were, since he paid for a hotel) and for long enough to need to sleep (again, I assume you were, because he paid for a hotel), but less than a year, then you can deduct your choice of either half of the cost of meals or the federal government's "meals and incidental expenses" (M&IE) rate. You cannot deduct the full cost (although I've sometimes been able to deduct more than the full cost, when I used the M&IE rate and it was more than twice my actual cost). If you worked in the same place for over a year, then you cannot deduct meals (but you may be able to deduct moving expenses).


There is no deduction anymore. Even when there was, it was worthless unless you could itemize.


You would have eaten if you were at home, right?


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Except for certain govt or military personnel, no. If you don't itemize, no. If the job out of town was over a year, no. If under a year, use form 2106 and see instructions https://www.irs.gov/pub/irs-pdf/i2106.pdf but only if you itemize. You can only deduct the amount of 2106 expenses that's over 2% of yiour AGI