Can someone change their ethnicity?

My parents, grandparents, and great grandparents have all lived in Turkey so my family has naturally adopted the culture and language. But our ethnic group is Kurdish and my family has only ever married Kurds. Someone told me my ethnic group is Turkish because my generations lived in that country but I still believe I'm Kurdish. Is it possible to change an ethnicity? I thought it was genetic.


The Russian Princes Potemkim were descendants of an African man who was ennobled by Peter the Great. Looking at the question from the other end of the telescope, you cannot change the Past but you CAN assimilate into a different ethnicity, alter your name and marry into it, and have children and grandchildren in your chosen ethnic identity. Blacks have passed into White so well that their descendants are surprised by dna tests. Jews have blended in with Christian culture so thoroughly that it came as a sometimes dangerous surprise in the Third Reich which, although it was before dna tests, would turn up genealogical surprises in the public records. You can change by marrying and blending in, so yes. Recently Elizabeth Warren told a family story of having Native American and dna proved there was a little bit. Many Whites have some Native American.


I'd say you're a kurd from Turkey.


It's not genetic. YOUR ethnicity is the language and culture YOU were raised in, so you can't really change it. You CAN have more than one though, and you CAN change your nationality ("passport"). Turkish chauvinists have been trying to claim the Kurds and denying the kurdish ethnicity for generations


Ethnicity means YOUR cultures, YOUR customs, YOUR affiliations and YOUR associations from the country YOU were born/brought up/live in and YOUR family home............. so language YOU speak, food YOU eat, religion/holidays/celebrations YOU are part of


im indain and im going to be indain


If you have some type of genetic,cultural,ancestral or legal information showing you are a different ethnicity ,it could be legally changed if you wish to be changed

Ted Pack

Ethnicity can change; it takes several generations, though. Many Americans are ethnic American, although their ancestors were Irish, Italian, English, Scotch, Huguenot . . . If you started speaking Turkish and married a Turk, and your children did too, then in 3 or 4 generations your family's ethnicity would be Turkish. As it is, your ethnicity is Kurdish.


No, you're Kurdish. The person wasn't correct. Now, your nationality is Turkish. Remember that there's a difference between ethnicity and nationality.


Ignore what people say


sorry, you can't be transethnic or whatever.


Shame unlike Kurds in Iraq those in Turkey have sold out more??You are KURDISH ..just citizen of Turkey..