I’m (southeast) asian and I have double eyelid and long eyelashes. Could it be possible i have unknown European ancestry in the bloodline?

The rest of my features are pretty asian though. Yellow/dark South East Asian skin, flatter small wide nose


South Asians have double eyelids though, and South Asia is closer to Southeast Asia than Europe.


One physical feature is not sufficient to say that you have European ancestry. Only DNA Testing or Genealogical research can possibly determine that.


Lots....perhaps even most Southeast Asians have double eyelids though some still have an epacanthic fold along with an almond shape which gives that eastern look. Not even all East Asians have single eyelids, particularly South Chinese, single eyelids are probably more common in northern China, and the Korea's than most other places in the broad region.An ancestry DNA test would confirm any significant % of European or other non fareast ancestry.


Looks tell you zero about your ancestry............ want to know who they were, where they came from? Then research


The only way to know your family history and genealogy (who you are related to) is to do the research or pay someone to do it for you, which can get very expensive very quickly. (Professional genealogists charge on average US$20-$23+ an hour.) Start with yourself and work your way backwards, one generation at a time. Gather up your records, such as a birth certificate, marriage certificate (if applicable), newspaper articles and clippings regarding some of your accomplishments, journal entries, etc. Do the same for your parents, grandparents, etc You could take a DNA test, but such tests are meant to be a TOOL and not a substitute for proper genealogical research


It is possible


Sounds like the people from whom both the Magyar or Hungarian tribes as well as Huns and Choreans came.


It is perfectly POSSIBLE that there has been some admixture of European DNA into your family genes at some time. Humans have been around for a long time, and it only takes ONE to travel further than the rest of his tribe, meet a Chinese woman and impregnate her, and there you are, European genes have entered your ancestral gene pool. Of course it's possible.