What your first cousin twice removed's wife's great nephew?

Is there an easier way to describe this family relation?


that person isn't any relation to you at all. Its your cousins wifes great nephew..thats all.




If they are a relative of someone who married into your family, they are not related to you at all unless some place back down the line you share a common ancestor.


Yes a friend of the family’s

Sunday Crone

There is no biological connection, unless the wife is also a cousin of some type.


No kin of mine.


"distant relative" "distant relative by marriage" If they are interested in the exact relationship, then use even more words to detail it. "My grandmother's second husband was George. They had a daughter who married..." I don't use "removed" or "cousin" (beyond 1st cousin) because they confuse people.


If there were such a term, it'd be impossible to say since you don't say in what direction twice removed, two generations up or two generations down? Like your first cousin once removed is actually your uncle or aunt if removed once upwardly, your great uncle or great aunt if twice removed upwardly.