I'm doing a play a school whats the best way to practice my lines at home?

I'm in the school play this year its little women i'm get to play so I would also like to know if theirs some tip or ideas that would help me portray Young Beth better!


Read the book, watch the movie and think about it. A lot! Then read the entire play, speaking Beth's lines aloud, over and over again, until you no longer have to look at the pages. And don't just 'say' them. Mean them. Say them as Beth would have, hesitations and paused included. And while you're doing that, work on your English!


Well what I do is look up young Beth on the net or watch Little women and see how young Beth acts and then u know how she feels and u know what her character is about. Then with a friend or a parent or sibling can help you practice. And you'll get better at remembering the lines just turn everything off and just practice and practice. You got this


Why are you calling her 'young Beth'? There is only 'Beth'; there is no other 'old' Beth.


Have somebody help you run your lines. You'll learn the lines easily. As to if you can actually play the lines, that depends on your acting ability.