So now Adam "Shifty" Schiff is the Chairman of the "Intelligence" committee? Don't the jokes write themselves with these people?

"I have seen PROOF of collusion, and I will show it to you all Next Week" Yeah, and Bugs Bunny promised Daffy he could host the show NEXT WEEK.


Bug eyed geek, a left winger hate (((monger))).


I'll laugh as soon as the Mueller report is in.

ZILLA ~ Mueller Fan

Sure. Why not? I'm only putting your question back in the politics section once; YOU keep an eye on it. Just clicking on this nonsense was too much wear and tear on my mouse already LOL.


You sound scared.


Don't underestimate Adam Schiff. Calling him childish nick names means nothing except you are childish. Schiff knows more about Donald Trump's dealings with Russia than you do. You'll have to wait like the rest of us to find out.

W.T. Door

I had a vodka martini last night, I like borscht, and I am sure at some time in my life I ate Russian dressing on something. Under the Left's "rules", all of that would be collusion plus would make me a Russian agent..


Adam Schiff - Intelligence and Maxine Waters - Finance. What could possibly go wrong?


Him and Eric Seawall, the two biggest jackasses in D.C. are both from my state. The Dept of Justice has already indicted two groups of Russians, so what more do they intend to do to Russia?

Never Polled

My favorite name for him is "pencil neck", hahaha