If I earn $ 78 per week how long I can buy a cheap car?

serious question i want a car


You still need to pay for insurance


If you save $78 a week for a year, you can afford a $4000 car. if You you save $17 a week, a $4000 car will take 4 and a half years. Kidnap a 9th grader for math help.

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43 years


If the car is $78, one week.


It's simple math... take how much you keep after expenses into account. If you need a cheap runabout, it might be 6 months or so. If you need a Ferrari, you may be decades away.


than get a better job


I assume; you mean you can afford to Put Aside $78 a week? Maybe six weeks. I've seen running cars (towaways from mobile home evictions) for $400. A student in my class drives either a Corolla tow or a Cobalt he got this way, Every Day . As others said; you have tax, licensing, gas to pay for. Oil, tires. Learn to do own maintenance and you can save more $.


You won't be able to buy a car on that income. Even if you were given a car, you couldn't afford the insurance.


Go find a job with more hours.


250 weeks


A VERY long time, and that's if you have no expenses. If you're under 21, that will barely pay for car insurance.


If you can get the car for FREE (there are people that are sick of their car so tow it away and it is yours). Not many, but it happens...or $50 BUT THEN YOU "GOT TO BUY INSURANCE" & gas & tires(maybe) and coolant and oil. The car is "Your B*tch" When she wants, you take care of it. . You need a second or 3rd job just to satisfy your car. . It is like a dead weight around your neck. You are essentially only able to afford a pedal bicycle. It is cheaper.

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Realistically, you don't make enough money to afford a car. Get another supplemental job or, even better, get a better paying job and save up some money before you seriously start dreaming of vehicle ownership.


100 years if you don't have a margin after weekly expenses. IF you are NOW saving 10% and have another 10% margin being spent on wild women, booze, dope- then you have about $15.00 week to save up for car after giving up wild women, etc. 10 weeks at $150.00 MIGHT get you a runnable POS - then you'll have state fees for license. , etc. I got a $20.00 special and new battery for $30.00 got it running, $20.00 for used tires on front that held air- drove it to school a year, Chicago winters , cheapest tags available-Pontiac Catalina with VW Beetle Plates and city tag. IF your English is a bit off and you SAVE $78.00/Week then in 3 months you can start looking for the $999.00 specials at salvage yards that also do retail sales.


You have more chances of getting a used Honda Ruckus. Finish your COLLEGE education that gives you a SKILL and cars will become very much affordable.

FlagMichael: Lots of answers identifying the true problem

Lots of answers identifying the true problem: you can't do much on $335 per month. I took home $408 a month from my first job in 1970 - I was 17 at the time. That is $2640 a month in today's money, and it was not much. Set aside the car idea for now. Your focus has to be on getting a good job or two (I worked two jobs for 11 years when my kids were young.) Your lifestyle and future depend on it. Getting into a full time job is the first step, and doing that gets harder every year.


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buy a second hand pushbike


hmm $100 a week would be $5200 a year, you will need to save for a very long time


about a year