What is advanteges and disadvantages of using public transportation?


Sunday Crone

Save the cost of gas, parking, and might get a lower rate on insurance Disadvantage the time it takes to get where you are going. I live 4 miles on the freeway from where I use to work, it took less than 10 minutes for me to drive my car, but 40 minutes and a transfer with a 15 minute wait.


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advantage: 1. The price is cheap and can also be taken to a farther place to facilitate residents to travel to and from work. 2. At present, the society is using electric buses to greatly save air pollution and energy consumption. Disadvantages: When the number of people on the bus is large, it will be very crowded, the air is difficult to circulate, and the riding environment is not good.

Lily: The pros are

The pros are: Environmentally friendly, Cost less, Saves time. The cons are: Not comforable as there are many people.

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Advantages: Unlike car ownership, it saves money. You don't have to worry about expenses like fuel, state registration fees, insurance, & maintenance. Its also environmentally friendly, as it removes vehicles from the road. Disadvantages: Bus service does not run 24 hours. As they are based on ridership demand, some routes run a high frequency (every 15 min) & others on a low frequency (30 to 120 minutes). City Traffic slows down buses.


Disadvantages - the public Advantages - cheaper than owing a car.

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It costs little money and little brain cells But it can be crowded and thus uncomfortable.