Why don’t some drivers let you in front of them when trying to merge? I could easily miss my exit or turn?

You’re car signal is on but they will not slow down to let you in or they will speed up to block you and prevent you from merging


I find many people make room for others. I think there is an even balance of people sharing the road vs not sharing. Is it inconsiderate of the person who got in the proper lane or inconsiderate of the person merging? When signs say merge I merge. When someone uses that ending lane to try and pass then shove in front of people who got in line in an orderly fashion I will run them off the road before letying them in. Entitlement is the problem here. The more entitled people act the more resistance they will face. The proper way to merge is to yield to traffic that already has the lane and find a way to merge without disrupting traffic. For example entering a highway you match the speed of traffic and slide in between existing traffic. Turning on your signal and pulling in front of 70mph traffic going 40mph is not cool. BTW Your turn signal shows your intention, simply what you would like. It does not clear a lane, it does not give you what you want.


You are driving in Massachusetts or some similar place. Learn to drive more aggressively, or move to a saner place. For good aggression you might consider getting an old pickup truck that exhibits lots of rust, some pop-riveted sheet metal, and an exhaust that belches smoke.


Lots of jerk offs on the road who don't want ANYONE in front of them because they are special

duck you sucker!

I live in AZ; the people are real friendly Until they get behind a wheel ..especially kids in Dodge Rams. 'Shrinks have tried to analyse this behavior, sort of like Romans in their chariots. Ancient hubris--Oedipus killed his dad over a right-of-way argument ( did not realize at the time that he was his estranged father.) Personally, if road crowded, I let One in, the next merger has to get behind me. I even do this at red lights--someone trying to enter R lane from a parking lot, if I can, I back and let them in. If road isn't crowded, plenty of space, well, you need merge sensibly. I won't go out if my way, in this case. EDIT: I will assume Best case , here, not the worst (that you time it badly, to the Very last second.) Roads get crowded, you Must get over so you can get to your exit; I know. On the 'sickle, I know I can out brake cagers and blast into that space--if I Have to. Default is; give myself time and Extra room--always that Cager I did not see...

Obi Wan Knievel

Some people, especially when driving, are just jerks. Modern science has tried and tried, but they haven't found a cure for jerks. But what if you're the jerk? I'm not accusing you of anything, I'm just asking what if. Waiting until the last second to exit a freeway is a jerk move. Do you normally get into the slow lane and wait behind all those rolling roadblock drivers hundreds of feet before your exit? Or do you cruise past them until maybe the last minute, then put your signal on and hope someone lets you in? Don't answer me, answer yourself. And be honest.


Because you didn't plan ahead and now you want to cut in line.

Dances with Weed

It's the me first mentality. They don't give a crap about anyone but them.


Your the stupid one for not getting over 5 miles back how is that there problem that u can’t read signs


Because you are not supposed to wait until the last minute to get into the correct lane. If your exit is approaching you should be in the proper lane at least one mile prior

Jay P

If you're waiting to get into the correct lane to make a turn or exit until the last moments and then complaining that people won't let you in, perhaps you should think ahead and get into the correct lane(s) ahead of time so this won't be an issue...


Maybe you are a queue jumper?

curious cat

Maybe because you're one of those last second lane changers. You're oblivious to what needs to be done. You just need to slow down untill you can move over. THINK about getting over sooner.


Stupidity, pettiness, greed, bullying behavior


Don't wait until the last possible moment to move over. Get ready and change lanes earlier.


to be frank, it's because they're jerks. probably don't want more people in front of them.


Americans are inconsiderate, selfish and arrogant. Seriously. That's why. It's all about them. The majority of them have an attitude like - it's all about me and I'll do what I want, when I want. Look out - I'm coming.