How can I convince my dad to let me buy a motorcycle? Please read everything.?

So I'm 16 and 4 months old, I've been trying desperately to get both my motorcycle and car learner's permits. Every time we get something done, we get sent off to do something else (Eg. going to the doctor and then being sent to an optometrist to get glasses, ect.) My dad is an avid motorcyclist and doesn't have anything against me buying one. The problem is he wants me to complete PA Motorcycle Safety Licensing Course (or at the very least sign up for it) before I buy a bike. I want to buy one now, not to ride, but since prices are significantly lower than while it's peak season. I'd end up being eligible for the safety course around July/ August which is smack dab in the middle of riding season. He hasn't explicitly told me why not but I think the main reason I think he doesn't want me to buy one yet is because our garage is kinda full with other bikes, atv's and some of my older brothers project bikes. I'm buying it with my own money and I can make space. Thank y'all for reading/ helping out. Should have added the bike I wanna buy, It's a 1983 Yamaha XJ650 Maxima. I wanted to start small at 250/350cc and work my way up to bigger bikes, but my dad told me that that's dumb. He said that I'd get bored of it within a month or two. He advised me to get an old 450-700 cruiser, they have good power and are stable and predictable enough for a beginner. So that's his attitude about my bike choice, just wanted to make sure people didn't think I was gonna be dumb and buy a big sports bike another thing I should add, I do not intend to use or ride the bike after I purchase it. I will buy it now and properly store it until I'm licensed. I'm experienced with motorcycles as I'm in a small engines lab at technical school. Please don't leave a comment telling me to wait, I know how dangerous bikes can be. I'm just trying to save myself some money. There's a decent chance I'll give my dad the keys to hide so I don't ride it till I'm ready. I do appreciate y'all looking out for me.

Tim D

Having the temptation will be too much. One day you will watch a couple of YouTube videos, decide you could do that and have a little go on your stored bike. Your Dad probably knows this – and what is the point in having a bike if you are not going to ride it anyway? btw If you get bored of a 250 or 350 in a month or two you are just not doing it right.

duck you sucker!

You Can't. When I was 24 and bought my Triumph 650, Dad still cut out gross newspaper reports of motorcycle deaths to show me. He Never knew what he was Missing...

A Hunch

There are many RED FLAGS in your note 1. Your are you going to end up a flat pancake if you don't learn how to drive the motorcycle first. 2. You aren't mature of enough to have a bike if you don't understand the importance of completing the training course first 3. Sure, bikes make have a cheaper sticker price right now but the cheap turns out expensive when they can't be properly test driven 4. You are extremely shortsighted if you think your dad doesn't want you to buy the bike because the garage is full 5. Your eyes are so bad that you couldn't past the permit test? Why haven't you been telling your parents for years that you needed glasses????


Your dad is the smart one, and the experienced one. You think you might save a few dollars by buying in the off season. Your dad thinks he might save your life by insisting on the course first. In the mean time you might consider helping to clean out the garage.


You probably can't. The FACT is that 2/3 of all motorcycle fatalities are boys who are 16-19 years old. Your dad knows this. Your dad was once a teen himself and is well aware that despite their best intentions, teenage boys cannot be trusted to always act rationally and abide by both the law and prudent safety precautions. Have patience and TAKE THE COURSE.


First go to Menards and get a 8x8 shed kit- or at least the plans to build a shed, then build it for your own storage space, work space- then no hassle about 'no space for another bike' . Then get MSF course taken care of- borrow brothers bike or fathers awhile- that may give them incentive to help you find reasonable bike. I use a CM400 Honda as trainer for students, good little get to store bike also. Otherwise it is Goldwing. or Suzi 650. cruiser. Honda Rebel is good to 60 mph- at least brothers was- maybe a GS500 suzi? The old twin Yamaha has decent rep yet- some people say it is bit more reliable than similar looking Triumph, not a peaky engine. BUT that is for AFTER you have license--and shed to keep it in. .

Candid Chris

Take the Safety Course first for three reasons- The course will give you two heads up, your dad will be happier and insurance (mandatory on a financed bike) will be cheaper. Don't know about PA DMV rules but in most areas all you have to do at the DMV is a written driver's test and an eye test, so bingo you should be permited/licensed in one easy hour.

River Euphrates

Absolutely wait to buy a bike, listen to your dad - and take the course. Riding a motorcycle can be extremely dangerous - and the more knowledge you have about how to maneuver your bike, and predict what other traffic will do, the more likely you will live to have the same discussion with your own son (or daughter) someday. They will teach you to pretend to be invisible to other traffic so you aren't surprised when someone cuts you off, eases into your lane, or tries to run you over at a light. After 30 years of on-road riding, I actually pretend like people are actively trying to hit me - that way I'm not surprised when someone comes across three lanes of traffic and stands up on their brakes in front of me, or comes across the center line on a two-lane highway curve.


Wants, wishes, and fantasies pass so fast for a 16 year old that it's entirely impractical to plan a year ahead.


Your father is an expert rider, if you keep the father's opinion, you will not make the wrong choice.

don r

You don't understand the expression "too much stuff- nowhere to put it". You came late and the pretty girls are all dancing with the early boys. Too bad for you. Do what your dad told you to do. Hurry up. That will prove your stand.


Listen to your father. You are a minor and he makes the rules, not you.