Why do people get annoyed when you say you bought a Chinese motorcycle?

The way I see it is bikes made in china arent bad quality because they're from china they're bad quality because they're super cheaply made i mean they sell pretty questionably good motorcycles for cheapish prices... my honest opinion of Chinese motorycles is that there's a few technical issues with them like I think some of the clearances aren't ideal & sometimes the electrical components aren't really the newest tech they're merely creating unbranded motorcycles for worldwide distribution... you've got motors coming from china such as Lifan and id give them a good rating and that's because they design their own tech for their label... then you've got a company next door which offers an unbranded model which is built to be distributed to company's which adapt and excel those products for company's to then brand them... I dunno why people get so angry that you ride a Chinese motorcycle??

Been There, Done That.

"arent bad quality because they're from china they're bad quality because they're super cheaply made" UH, doesn't that pretty much describe them?? Condensed, your statement would be: "Chinese cycles are cheaply made".


"Because Chinese motorcycles are absolute rubbish." This statement was especially true ten years ago, but they are getting better and I predict they will rival the Japanese in another 10 years.

duck you sucker!

I don't care, buy what you want.. I'm sure some are annoyed I have a Harley-Davidson. I don't care, if I have to explain it, they'll Never Understand. Part Of motorcycling is Independence. Ride a Chinee bike, a chopper, or a '78 Triumph Bonneville. Your Preference.


Mostly because plenty of idiots who behave that way forget that many of the things they value were also made in China. But the criticisms are usually of some ultra-cheap motorcycles and scooter with no recognisable brand names. That’s because they are often very badly made, of really poor substandard parts which break or bend easily, and have had little or no quality and safety testing. I’ve known of parts which are made of metal with all the strength of cheese, and other parts which cannot be adjusted to fit right or behave correctly. Worst of all, such machines often have no spare parts support. In short, they’re made solely to be sold as cheaply as possible to mugs with no sense, usually via online sales or car boot sales where buyers get no real chance to check before purchase and little or no chance of any refunds. The manufacturers simply want a sale and do not care a hoot whether the machine will ever work properly or safely.

Tim D

It is a fair enough point. Japanese motorcycles did not spring into the market with the bulletproof reputation they have now – and the reason was nearly always because they were built to a budget in order to gain a toehold. The actual engines are based on Japanese designs – in some cases built using machinery and tooling bought from the Japanese – Suzuki engines and Honda engines are easily identifiable fitted to some of them.


Chinese stuff is cheap because one, some or all of the following: a) low labour costs b) cheap materials c) copy other designs - no R&D or engineering d) lower standards of environmental, OHS regulations etc to comply with e) lower overheads - power, packaging, freight and distribution are all cheap f) currency manipulation by central bank (Govt) to favour exports There is obviously more than enough capability to keep costs low even if they use high quality materials - most raw materials are internationally traded commodities so the cost is relatively fixed and there is not much room for discounting, but given the other cost saving factors it would still be possible to make high quality products if they want to. Unfortunately there is a LOT of competition so what generally happens is manufacturers source low grade/ recycled materials of unknown or inconsistent quality which drags down the quality of the end product. The exception is when a company like Sony has a factory in China and carefully controls the materials and assembly processes.


I don't get annoyed when you say that although stupid people do annoy me

don r

You can get an Italian or Japanese motorcycle of enormously better performance and quality that buying the weak and low quality Chinese motorcycle is actually a waste of money. What's annoying is when people make an obvious mistake and suffer, they try to argue the problem away.


Because... 1. They are cheap and made with inferior materials and loose tolerances. 2. They are copies of well made motorcycles the Chinese have reverse-engineered. 3. Try getting parts for one or getting one repaired.


China is our enemy. People get silly about the political aspects of things.


Because you bought a motorcycle made in a Communist Country! All that does is give the Communists a stronger economy so that they can build up their military and cause trouble!


It doesn't matter what people say. Your chinese bike is dead already because YOU messed with it. You are just trying to justify buying a piece of junk.


Chinese products in general.... A friend was talking about a friend of his who is now an expat in China, married to a Chinese woman. That man has produced a lot of small equipment for sale in the US and the word is the build quality is spotty because the standard in China is to let the customer do the quality control. If 20% of the items don't work right, the customers will return them and get a replacement. When I see inexpensive items on Amazon with 20% one star reviews because it didn't work out of the box, now I know why. For larger items, like motorcycles, I imagine that is handled through warranty repairs. If this is true, you are expected to bring it back for warranty repair when you find something not right - infancy failure is expected to a much greater degree than we are accustomed to.


When I say it? But I DON'T SAY IT because I don't buy cheap Chinese motorcycles, therefore people don't get annoyed. So why are you asking about us? When speaking of yourself, the proper wording should be "Why do people get annoyed when I say I bought a Chinese motorcycle?" Got that? Good. And now the answer: Many Chinese goods are perceived to be inferior for good reason and there is a lot of resentment against the Chinese monopoly of almost all consumer goods these days. Get a clue, eh?

The Oracle of Omigod

You have taken food out of the mouths of workers in First World countries. The assemblers in China probably make a buck an hour and the profits go to a Communist government.


You are buying stolen goods, and are of questionable character for doing so. It is generally understood that the Chinese reverse engineer and copy stuff, so they are preying on and stealing from companies that actually spend money on research and development.


the same as all Range Rover owners who purchased a TATA car they think they are getting a Bargain Tata is an Indian Company and Thousands By Royal Enfields made in India


Anything made in China and is a Chinese brand is junk Non Chinese brands seem to have better quality control


I don't care. If anything, I would be interested in the machine. Not to own, as I don't ride anymore. But I cannot put one together in the basement or garage...as I would have to cast the parts and all that. It is not as simple as a wood carving. It would be a novelty machine. Maybe they have incorporated some of their ideas into the bike like a Sweet&Sour food dispenser. "Now that would be Cool" Russian motorcycles can't do that.!




The people who get annoyed with you are those that care for you, and are sorry you wasted your money. Those who are not annoyed don't care what you do.