Are there vehicles in Italy that you don’t need a license for?

I’m currently stationed in Italy and without a US drivers license which means I can’t drive or get a license while here. Are there any electric bikes or things like that that I could drive on the road without a license? I’m not sure of Italian road laws.


I think a 50cc scooter or e-bikes will be OK. Ask a local. They're friendly people. Cops aren't too fussy anyway, unless you get caught or have an accident. Then you'll find out Italian bureaucracy is, let's say, not exactly fast moving which is unfortunate because they tend to lock you up until they've finished with their inquiries.


You could probably get a bicycle, I say probably I mean definitely. Not sure on Italy's moped laws, you might be able to ride a moped/50cc scooter there I think an electric bicycle is also an option there's some pretty powerful electric 'solex' type bikes out there But tbh the polizia aren't really that hard to outrun because they all drive fiat500s so you could pretty much drive what you want as long as it's a saloon, just take a sharp bend and they'll all start doing barrel rolls, and you just smoothly drive off into the hills if Italia.