Can you rent two uhaul trailers with one car?

Hi, so I would like to pick up two trailers with one car for a move. I will have the other car at my parents place and I was wondering if i could go pick up one, park it and have my roommate go and pick up the other one, with that same car so that i can have the trailer already loaded up and ready to go with the other car. We would each only have one trailer under our names. Thanks!


Why don't you just rent a larger Uhaul truck and do it all in one load?

don r

No, there's no way to hook two trailers together.

G. Whilikers

I'm not sure what that would save you. If you hang the trailer on its intended car in the first place you don't waste any time changing trailers.


Talk to U-haul about that. Both vehicles would need to meet the minimum towing GVW limit for the trailer you want to rent, and your friend would have to meet their insurance requirements.