Is it a waste paying $160 for a uber from my home to the city? i have to much luggage to get public transport. & i don't drive. (1hr drive)?


Person with Question

It's a waste not being able to drive yourself in general. It's always shocking to me seeing adults who cannot drive themselves. Imagine paying anyone $160 for something you can do for free in only one hour. Unbelievable.


Whether or not it's a waste depends on how badly you need to get to the airport. If public transit won't work and if you have no friends or family to drive you and you cannot drive yourself - your options are very limited.

Rona Lachat

If you do not have a car or a friend willing to drive you then you pay the price of getting a hire driver. As the trip is a least one hour and the driver probably does not live near you he is spending 2-3 hours of his time and gas to transport you. Not an excessive amount.or payment. Just one of the costs of living in an area with limited public transport for one that has LOTS of luggage. The average UBER car does not have room for LOTS of luggage . Suggest you advise driver how many bags you have BEFORE the drive to you. It is a waste to own a car you rarely NEED to use.