How much could a small time car thief earn in the late 80's/early 90's?

Guy I knew was professional musician in early 90's who swiped cars on the side. One night he was evading police in stolen vehicle, crashed, also charged with DUI. A mess.

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Death sentence when caught in the act.


He could earn some lead if the owner showed up.


my cousin did this back in the seventies. usually got 50 bucks a car stole them for people who wanted to get the money from insurance company. finally got caught and to get out of a lengthy prison term he turned in everyone he remembered stealing a car from (he said he did about two hundred cars) he got three years


A small time car thief doesn't earn anything. A small time car thief joyrides. You're confused.


Crime doesn't pay


Theft is not earning. It's even listed as bad in the Ten Commandments.


Thieves don't "earn" anything.


Big time. $75,000 a year. Goog. One of the best body men there was. Stole cars. Changed them & resold them. Made big money. Went to prison. Got out He could have got a good job at any body shop. Worked some. Stole cars. Made big money. Went to Joliet Max security prison. Got out. Small business loan program. Opened a body shop. Mae very good money. Stole cars transported them across State lines. Went to Federal prison. Last I heard of him. But that was high end vehicles & new paperwork. He did well at it except for vacations in prison.


$100.00 week, depending on hot wiring or having tow truck. Snowmobiles stolen in Chicago area could be sold in Wisconsin for $250.00 to $400.00. Cars for speciality varied - $100.00 for 5 year old good for fenders, body parts quick pieced out with engine going for another $100.00, trannies for $50.00. VW Beetles of mid 1960s to mid 1970s at 10 years old would get $250.00 for front sheet metal and engine, trannies good for Dune Buggy makers . 10 speed bicycles going retail for $300.00 good for $50.00 and easy to get- not felony bust if caught unlike motorvehicle. 8 bicycles got 30 days jail for one guy, brother did 2 motorcycle and got 9 months plus 2 years probation for about same amount of money. Security systems got better later- then a tow truck could be best way to grab one- especially if some repos were done also. Depends on market and connections for disposal- scrap metal price for some old POS would be same weight as new- a couple years old to 5 years old was the body parts market and grabbing a 'parts' car to order meant $200.00 and quick transfer. Get caught by inspector working back or a owner with shotgun, police quick response to delayed alarm could mean 2 years prison - and a 'organized crime group' would get 5 years Joliet for multiple theft, continous criminal activity. .


They are all in jail and became Bubba's girlfriend.