How do I record a vehicle like a video game developer would using my andriod phone?

I am a animation and graphics student and I have a project working on where I want to model a bus for a video game OMSI 2 which requires: a good microphone for recording and also blueprints or pictures to model the bus as accurate as possible. Although I am not a sound engineer I am willing to try and record with my andriod phone and to model the vehicle in blender so the question I was asking is how do I record or is it possible to record with an android (Huawei) phone and get the same results that you would get if you record with a zoom h5 or zoom h6 recording with a mike?


Contact bus operator company or bus maker company. I bet they have video recordings with audio all about the bus in action.


here is a photo of the bus I want to record and add the sound effects for