Libs don’t want to pay for a wall, cons don’t want to pay for illegals, why don’t they both stfu?


Spock (rhp)

how about a compromise -- we'll pay for the wall, they can pay for the illegals

Nuff Sed

Most illegal aliens do not come in by crossing the southern border illegally. They come in with legal visas and simply stay, making them "undocumented aliens", a.k.a., "illegals". Being an undocumented alien is not a crime. Entering across the border illegally is, by itself, a crime.


That sounds too much like common sense. You're never going to get that in politics.

Richard D

I am more liberal than the California Democrats and therefore I am prepared to support a $2 million dollar 2-year study of the border and its needs. What is the big rush except Trump's trumped up crime. The fact that there are some horrible criminals does not escape anyone. But people for people the Latino population does not fair badly at all. This was in fact specifically praised by both Presidents Bush, as family values. And besides, no one is saying don't arrest criminals. But the number of criminals is not greater than the general population. The immigrants are a cross section. Trump should not have a right to push people around like that.

Gilgamesh King of Uruk

Good question


Taxation is a liberal thing, cons don't want bigger government or higher taxes and a few ranchers have had notorious standoffs... so yeah they SHOULD both sthu. At the same time our "fearless leader" seems a bit thoughtless, too. Narcissist for sure. Why would Mexico pay for the wall? Oh, wait... that's not the idea he is locking up the government for right now.