Why do Americans believe moon landing was Fake ?



“There is a cult of ignorance in the United States, and there has always been. The strain of anti-intellectualism has been a constant thread winding its way through our political and cultural life, nurtured by the false notion that democracy means that 'my ignorance is just as good as your knowledge.” ― Isaac Asimov


Some people think everything they don't really understand is fake.


It is only SOME Americans. It is part of the destruction of the Social Fabric of the American Society. We were warned about such efforts by President Carter, in a public TV address, a long time ago. It is all part of an effort to get Americans to distrust any authority (government, agencies, medical science...); it is a lot easier to control and brainwash ignorant people. The Lunar Landing Hoax hoax. The Flat Earth hoax. Roswell aliens in Area 54. Planet X. Taking advantage of the softening of the American brain, Russian hackers planted more fake stories in social media networks, just before the election, f.ex.: Hillary runs a porno ring from the basement of a pizzeria. Dead people voting for the Democrats. This was enough to cause many people to not vote. Some soft-brained Americans are willing to believe anything... as long as it is false.

Kaiser Wilhelm

They are ignorant and do not believe we possessed the technology to do such a thing back then.


They've made the mental jump from believing the government lies about *some* things to the government lies about *everything*.


Same as 911 was an inside job. The earth is flat, they don't have a life so concentrate on pushing their odd ideas.


I have old guys at work that do not know how to open an email attachment. They work in a government facility doing mostly manual labor, but, have had computer access for over 15 years...… still can't print a fricken pdf file without help! When you have folks so behind the times like this - of course you will have folks who do not believe technology things.


Because the American Government always lies. They even lied on all the Indian treaties. They lied about all our wars, and about SSI, about 9/11, and JFK, and all the finances, and the national debt. So of course the government must be lying about going to the moon.

Dole Bludger

The camera was already in position.


<Why do Americans believe moon landing was [fake]? > *Some* Americans, maybe. I've been assuming that most deniers aren't Americans, since the landing was an American accomplishment (arguably the most important event in the history of any space-faring species), but come to think of it I don't have any more support for that assumption than you do for yours. Just operate on the principle that no matter where you are at least 10% of the people around you are morons, and you won't go far wrong. (A corollary is that if you can't see any morons around you, there's a better than average chance you're it.) . .


Because those people are ignorant. They didn't want to believe NASA possessed the technology to pull off such a task back then.


Because they are total idiots.

Ronald 7

'Cos Dey are Gawdarned Spaced out on Dem Goofbawls


Because there are really convincing videos out there with "proof"

The Lord Humungus.

Mental illness.


for those Americans fiction is better than fact. there is nothing suspenseful about fact.


Because they love a good conspiracy.

Elyse Rose

Look at Utah, never seen it so clean.


simply because it is false from beginning to end! the kennedy factor is that he wanted to take us from a war economy industrially to a peacetime economy when many sectors of society would rather kill him than to see it happen!


People are always accusing everything is fake, probably even their existence. Lol.

The Donald

Americans are idiots and getting dumber. Movie "Idiocracy" is coming true.


Reasons that the moon landing was fake 1) is that the spacecraft used to return was so small that the fuel consumption get off the moon's surface don't make sense, compare to the fuel consumption get off Earth is much greater. 2) Why NASA doesn't do it again? Answer, is because today technology, other countries will see the BS. 3) The most IMPORTANT EVIDENCE THE MOON LANDING IS FAKE IS WHAT ISN'T IN THE VIDEO...THE STARS. No city lights in the country means you can see the stars, but in space... you don't see the stars?

Tom S

"Americans" don't, only feeble minded trolling (mostly anonymous) children do.


The only imbecilic ridiculousness about 'fake' moon landing are people like you who have not got the intelligence to accept that a great scientific breakthrough occurred the second Armstrong placed a foot on the surface of the moon. I am sure there are an extremely minute number in both the US and throughout the rest of the world who do not have the sense to realise ALL the journeys by man to the moon actually happened. That is their problem. Perhaps they all also believe the Earth is flat Do you? I suspect you might. BTW I'm not an American either, but what difference that makes is beyond me.

Kathy Miller

I don't believe it was fake, I just believe the pictures they showed the "common" man were taken in area 51. You really think they'd share with us the real deal?


Almost none of us do.


Certain groups of people come to have some strong central belief that gets bundled up with a whole package of other beliefs as part of a group identity. And thus people who relate strongly with the core identity often adopt the whole suit of ideas somewhat passively, just because they see themselves as being part of that social group. In, this case the group identity is "fcuking idiots".


well, I am not an American and I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that the moon landings are a ridiculous hoax. a better question might be "Why don't you?" what sort of imbecilic ridiculousness do you plan to espouse to refute the obvious fact that it's all a silly lie? just because the powers that be have conditioned you to believe that anybody with a dissenting opinion must have a child's mind or be completely mad doesn't mean that you have to toe the line with that sort of thinking. first they laugh at you... then they violently oppose you... but in the end, your truths are accepted as being self-evident. that day is coming. where will you be then? I promise you that we will not berate and belittle and ostracise you lot the way you have done to us.


The evidence is word of mouth

retired old sarge

because it was... no one could have lived at the time going threw the RADIATION belt which is between the earth and the moon for as long as it took. The space craft and the space suits were not built to withstand that high of radiation... they would have all died before reaching the moon and making it back to earth..