Why are pro-dictator DemoRATS against the US sending troops to Venezuela?

We need to send troops to free Venezuelans from their communist dictatorship.


I guess the GREAT America should INVADE / Take Over the Planet Earth to appease you type dumb-azz folks...


Another decade long war that will cost trillions and debt that will get blamed on the democratic president that puts it on the books. All so that republican cronies in the oil industry can make a few billion dollars


Lets send the blue boys.


This comes from the war monger, Bolton....This guy is insane, no conversation, just go in, start firing "with both barrels blazin" Bolton is completely NUTS!

Warren T



Because the Russians may send troops. I believe the Russians have already sent 300 mercenaries.

Jeff S

Asks a Republicon supporting the destruction of America!


Bolton would love to have an oil war there since nobody is going along with one in Iran.

Christian sinner

I think Trump sent 3000 troops to Columbia in order to imply a psychological effect on the military generals of Venezuela. I don't think they will actually engage, they are a part of the influence we can have on the Venezuela military, which is an important part of the current situation in Venezuela. If the military backs the wrong side, they will think that fighting the US military or a proxy war against America is immanent.


All Trump has to do is say we aren’t going to get involved, and those rats will turn 180 degrees asking why we won’t help those citizens.

Mario Antero

The Soviet Democrats are also Pro Cuba and you don't hear them saying much about North Korea either, do you. I think most Americans know what these Anti American Democrats have become

Donald K

Gore was a liar, and a pretty stupid one. Everyone knows about the obvious case of Kate Steinle's murder by an illegal alien with a record in Nan's sanctuary city, but Google Anthony Bologna and his two sons. Their murderer, Edwin Ramos is a MS13 gang member here illegally and was given protection in San Francisco, even though he had/has a criminal record. He gunned down the Mr. Bologna and his two sons in a case of mistaken identity. The surviving members of the Bologna family are now in the FBI witness protection program because the one son that survived that attack identified Ramos as the shooter. So the surviving family members have to live in hiding while known MS13 gang members here illegally are free to hunt them down. That's in Pelosi's city. The woman is truly a disgusting human being.