Can you still get testicular cancer if you have both testicles surgically removed?

There is a youtuber I watch named FuriousPete who got testicular cancer back in 2014 and he had to get a testicle removed. I guess his cancer came back and has fully enveloped his other testicle which according to him is rare to happen, so he has to get that one removed as well. Since he will no longer have testicles, will he still susceptible to testicular cancer in the future? Does it work that way? Thank you.

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I mean, no. You can't get cancer in something if it isn't there anymore. But cancer can also spread.


I know of a woman who had prophylactic surgery to remove her breasts, ovaries, uterus -- her entire reproductive system -- because she carried the gene that can result in breast or ovarian cancer. Her mother and grandmother had died of the latter. She developed -- and died of -- ovarian cancer anyway. It is absolutely impossible to remove every vestige of tissue that could develop cancer. Women who've had mastectomies have still developed breast cancer. Some of the other posters here are quite ignorant.


Since you have no esticles, it would be impossible to get cancer there. You may get other cancer, but not that kind.


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Not testicular cancer, but cancer elsewhere in the body because of the previous battle with testicular cancer. His cancer began to spread, the doctors thought he had defeated cancer, when there were just cancerous cells lying dormant waiting to activate, hence causing cancer to return.