I hate school?

School started today and it’s really, really bad. I suck at making friends dues to my anxiety. I have someone in my class who hates me and she’s holding a grudge on me for absolute no reason. (I’m a guy btw) We are required to make a film in that class and I have no friends so RIP me. We do that in week 4, but I’m already panicking on who’s going to be with me 😔 I had trouble finding my classes today. The office lady wouldn’t even help or give me a simple direction. She wasn’t really specific and she said... “I’m not going to lead you there, find it yourself.” I was looking everywhere and I couldn’t find it. I’m just overwhelmed with school. Apparently it’s the hardest year out of all years. Yes, I’m in grade 11 (It’s called Y12 here) or it’s basically equivalent to Junior year. I have school tomorrow and I didn’t make it to math as I couldn’t find the class and I spoke to the counsellors about my problems as she saw me roaming around searching for third period. I didn’t mention that I’m pretty new to this school. I started last year after having 8 months off school as I was depressed and too anxious to leave the house. I just feel like killing my self because of school as it’s too hard :(


Life objectively sucks. You gotta be a slave for 18 years. Then you’re gonna have to work your *** off until you’re about to choke of old age if some accident or disease doesn’t take you first. Life...what a “gift”.


dudeee wtfff im in the same situation. but i just transferred and the school is like 4 floors big lol