I am a senior, i want to stufy live and work abroad. Fo i have a chance at all?



No idea. If you want to study abroad, you'll need to either go with a study abroad programme with a university in your own country, or get a study visa to attend a full time degree course (and prove you can pay for it) Most countries don't let you stay and work after studying, so you'd need to then qualify for a work visa to return, or go to another country, and work

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Senior in high school aiming to earn a bachelor's degree at a university abroad? Senior in university completing your bachelor's degree aiming to go to grad school abroad? You will need to meet all admissions requirements - grades, test scores, language proficiency & any other requirements - to apply. If accepted, to apply for a student visa, you must prove you (& your parents) have sufficient funds for all school + living expenses + return transportation to your country of citizenship. All countries severely restrict or outright prohibit foreign students from working. They must have sufficient funds for everything - without working - to qualify for a visa. Even where limited work is allowed, most foreign students never find any part-time work. The few lucky ones cannot earn enough part-time to pay either school OR living expenses, perhaps just a few extras or personal expenses. No money = no visa! Many universities have semester or school-year exchange programs arranged with various foreign universities. If you have financial aid through your home university & go through your university's exchange program, you can use your financial aid for your tuition since that is paid to your home university. That often makes a semester or year abroad more affordable. But, of course, you still need money as financial aid won't pay all your expenses. Student visas are temporary non-immigration visas. When you complete or terminate your full-time studies, you return to your own country immediately. You cannot remain. You will need advanced degree(s) plus several years of experience to qualify to apply for jobs abroad anyway. Only qualified employers can apply for any employment visa for their qualified foreign employee. And with today's massive labor gluts, competition for any job abroad can be extremely tough despite seriously more stringent requirements to qualify for employment visas. By the time you earn at least a master's, preferably doctorate, and get sufficient experience, chances are that visa requirements will be far more restrictive with far fewer occupations eligible.


Senior in high school or college? The easiest way to study abroad is to enroll in a US university. Then you do a study abroad with an exchange program that your college has. You pay tuition to your home university and then just pay travel and living expenses in the other country. Any financial aid you have applies. After that, to work in most countries, you need to be hired by a company, and they sponsor you for a work visa.


if you're very very rich, sure