I need life experienced people advice?

So I'm not going to waste time i need another person's advice on my situation...i'm a 20 year old guy from european and my dream is to study abroad in a eastern country but my parents dont have the financial means...i go to my city's college and still live with them, im proactive so i came up with an idea to achive my dream...selling cupcakes....at schools because they have the demographic most likely to buy me cupcakes (5 and 6 graders) i'm thinking to go and talk to the principal explaining my situation and ultimately setting up a table next to the school's bar and sell it on breaks...moraly it sounds ok to me...but is the principal likely to help me?being a public institution or...thanks


Have you thought of fundraising, that's a fast way. But I would suggest saving up money bit by bit. Do you have a job? It would take time to save the money up for it and you're still young. What's the rush

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I don't think you'll get permission, and I don't think this will be a big money maker either. Look for a regular part-time job instead, and save your money for studying abroad. Good luck.

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Selling anything at a school is likely to be difficult, or banned entirely. Also check board of health requirements in your country & state/province to see what licensing is required to sell food items. You may need to have your kitchen inspected & meet additional requirements. Probably a really bad idea. Not at a school.


is your dream to make cupcakes? then why are you trying to sell them? If i wanted to go to an art school to learn to make and sell art..i would not support it by selling cupcakes now would i? I would make and sell art


I do not think you will get permission, and you are not going to make much money that way, if you did..