What is some advice on being rejected from the CBYX Young Professionals scholarship?


ibu guru

There is no point applying again when you did not make the first cut (interview) unless your qualifications have RADICALLY improved. You need to move on. Reassess your qualifications - how competitive your achievements are. Reassess your goals - what are you trying to accomplish, and are those goals realistic for you? Then research other scholarship opportunities you might qualify to apply for. Also consider other options besides scholarships.


I'm not familiar with the CBYX program. If you are currently in college, you might look at the Fulbright.org possibilities for students. There's an English Teaching Assistant program that places students in many countries. It is competitive- there should be an International Studies office at your school that can help you with the application.


I had recently applied in December to partake in the CBYX Young Professionals 2019-2020 year abroad. Around two weeks ago, I received an email stating that I was not selected to continue on to the interview process. As disappointing as the news is, I'm trying to not let it discourage me from applying again in December of 2019. Is there anyone who was in my position and made it the second time they applied? Or is this a sign that I should give up since I didn't even make it to the interview process? Any personal stories or words of advice would be greatly appreciated. Also: Are there any programs similar to the CBYX Young Professionals program? I'm trying to keep my options open for next time.