Which country is the richest in technology?



Easy, NIPPON. They have technology the rest of world envies.


Singapore China and Japan


This will probably surprise you. According to a ranking using a combination of factors, including research, development, scientific talent and innovation, the following are the top three most technologically advanced countries: 1. Finland. Per capita, Finland has the highest number of scientific researchers and engineers in the world. The country fosters a culture of great innovation, making advancements in biotechnology, clean energy and growing tech giants like Nokia. 2. Japan. The Japanese government made a decision early on to invest heavily in technology. Japan has led international sales of semiconductors, micro-controllers, and other foundational technologies with unsurpassed quality. 3. The United States. In terms of revenue, 8 of the top 12 tech companies in the world are based in the U.S.; however, over the past few decades, the Department of Defense (from where the majority of technological achievements have come - including the Internet) has been shifting funding away from tech and research projects, and monopolies held by some of the biggest tech companies have prevented widespread internet access and significantly reduced internet speeds over those of other countries. There are, of course, different studies and opinions, but in my research I couldn't find one which ranked the United States first.


One of them in the Far East like Japan,China






Japan is the richest in technology.


America. That is why china goes to great Lengths to steal our inventions and market Them without paying us anything.