What’s a good career path for Sun in Leo &moon in Pisces?

Cancer in the 2nd house, Scorpio in 6th, & Pisces in the 10th house.


You say Pisces is IN the 10th house. Does that mean Pisces is intercepted in the 10th house, and that you have Aquarius on your 10th house cusp (the Midheaven), and Aries on the cusp of your 11th? Does it mean that you have Aquarius on your Midheaven, and Pisces on the cusp of your 11th house? Or does it mean that you have Pisces ON the cusp of your 10th house (a Pisces Midheaven)? I'm going to assume this alternative. If I guessed wrong, disregard everything else I say here. Pisces on the 10th house indicates a career-mood that uses your intuition, artistic sense, or compassion. Look to see what house Neptune (ruler of Pisces) is in, because that represents the particular area of life in which you would work. Aspects from other planets TO Neptune indicate which inner needs (planets) assist career efforts, and which obstruct it. Also look at any planets IN the 10th house considering the sign they are in (most-likely Pisces, but could be Aries or even Taurus), as well as the aspects they make. As for your Moon in Pisces, does it fall IN your 10th house, or is it in your 9th house (or 11th, if you have Pisces covering both the 10th and 11th house cusps). IF Moon is actually IN your 10th house, then your seek to meet your emotional needs through your career efforts (rather than through other houses, other areas of life). How well or poorly this works for you depends on how your Moon is aspected. Aspects are always THE most important thing to look at. Also, you don't look at Sun or moon themselves. The 2nd house is how you handle possession, money included. Even more, it is your inner values. The 6th house is how you try to feel useful, like you are contributing in some way. So it can mean work and service as a way of being useful to the world . .but it can also mean our fitness/health efforts since this is a way of being effective for ourselves. In the future, if you wish to ask a question about your birthchart please include the circular chart drawn up in numbers, symbols and lines (and NOT a written list). Trying to answer your question without seeing the chart is like trying to describe how someone physically looks when all you have is a pic of their left big toe. Just not enough information.


Pisces moon is unemotional 😖 12th house is a malefic house