Are we entering into an ice age?

The left has solved global warming and now is cooling the Earth!


That’s the denier myth, a myth not supported by actual evidence Globally the planet continues to warm


no way with this leve of greenhouse gases. There is no global cooling.


To enter an ice age, first global temperatures must go DOWN. The current decade is the warmest ever recorded, which doesn't indicate we're entering an ice age to me, but perhaps you live in bizarro world where up is down and right is wrong.

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AlGore can't do anything right!


I heard that school children in america know the difference between weather and climate.

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I was raised in Chicago as a boy. In the early 1940's I rode my bike to South Park junior High it was 20 below. The school was closed so I rode home about .6 miles. I hated the cold. The glacier did not cover Chicago, but did come nearly to the Wisconsin line and was indeed a mile thick in some areas and I believe even 2 miles thick. Wisconsin has 8,000 lake mostly made by the glacier. I am so disappointed that we are not having global warming.




no and that best answer is wrong/ right wing anti science


The thermometers in the midwest are lying to us about the record cold temperatures. Damned nazi, fascist, racist, sexist global warming-denier thermometers!


No, I live in the northeast, after this arctic cold front passes it's going to be in the 50s for a couple days. That's unusually warm for February.


The whole global warming scam is to tax gullible dupes so politicians and their friends can get rich.

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I blame the liberal for this bitter cold.


The sun has been shifting from max output to minimum. Many researchers have followed this for years, including John Casey (several books). They dont make fony scare predictions just explain the connection between sun and temps. for those who dont understand the obvious. Even NASA finally admitted the sun was shifting downward (in activity). The chart is on their website. **** Note chart below. CO2 going up faster than before but the "Warming" has entered what even IPCC has dubbed "a pause" sence about 2000. .

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Ahhh, another idiot who doesn't know the difference between weather and climate. You could run for president as a Republican.


Actually the reason why we still have polar Ice and Glaciers is its still 20c colder then when the Dinosaur roamed The Earth is still coming out of an Ice Age and when all the Ice is gone it will be a interglacial period or a time on Earth when we are out of in a ice age as there is no polar ice or glaciers And contrary to the doom and gloom senerios Ice is just a part of the hydrological cycle and the lack of ice locking up water in the mountains in winter to have rivers flowing in spring and summer just means the mountain rains will provide a constant stream of water with no winter lock up and more consistent rains

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You do realize it's summer in the Southern Hemisphere right?