If the Polar Vortex is caused by global warming, why does it mimic the pattern of the last ice age?



It doesn't matter. IF you really had scientific data that would debunk climate scientists why are you playing around on Y!A?


prove what the circulation patterns were during the ice age.


There has always been a "global vortex". It's a wind pattern at high latitudes (around 65 degrees north and south latitude) that is analogous to the "trade winds" at lower latitudes, or for that matter the bands on Jupiter. It's a manifestation of a mode that results from the atmosphere being in contact with the rotating, spherical planet. But the vortex is not perfectly stable (see, for example, the little curly bits in the interface between the bands on Jupiter). When additional energy is put into the system, the vortex develops "kinks", mediated by kinks in the jet stream. That's what's happening now --- some arctic winter air has been pushed southward by the bit of extra energy put into the system by global warming. It will dissipate in a few days. It's not the polar vortex itself that is caused by global warming, it's the instability in the global vortex that is perturbed by global warming.


I wasn't aware that the Ice Ages lasted for just a couple of days.


So where did you get the images from the last ice age of the polar vortex?


Polar vortex is junk science. Einestin's theories are still being tested, still not settled science, global warming models do not pass the test. Al Gore is making money off the back of fools fueled by poor education and facsism.


Sun is not doing its job lately, as many so called "deniers" (dubbed by the government alarmists) have been pointing out. .


It is winter.

Solar Wind

The pattern of the last ice age.

Dances with Weed

People are told what to think these days. Many can't think for themselves. Politics and the respective media is the new religion. Politically, Global warming is a huge tax scam. Are we contributing to greenhouse gases, yes. Do our political czars need to tax us for it so theyll have more cash in their bank accounts, no Scientifically, its been proven time and again the older scientists snuff out the research of younger scientists to protect their own funding and career.