Global warming good?

warmer is better


No global warming bad


Sure, If you like it warmer move to Sydney, Australia.

Supreme Thoughts

Too much warm isn't.


This is the deneir “B” theory, “warming is happening but it’s a good thing” what usually follows it is some waffle about better times and growing food. Of course this ignores the quite basic effect warming has on ice and water. Sea level affects us all in one way or another and sea level is rising at the moment it is mainly down to the thermal expansion of water. But as we continue to warm, ice will play a bigger part as the long term data shows


The Deep Freeze has frozen up Global warming. Trump has barely been in office two years and he ended global warming!


No Donald


yes it will flood New York City and the Trump Tower


Wait untill the iceburgs all melt and you dont have a shore anymore

The Lord Humungus.

If you're a bacteria, this is true.


Plants and animals agree. Libs, not so much. Some are easily frightened. No matter how ridiculous the propaganda. .


What is good for human comfort is not good for growing crops or for a stable sea level. If your winters are too cold for you, I suggest spending your winters in a warmer climate. Global warming is contributing to droughts, killer heat waves and wildfires and when the sea level rises, millions of square miles of land will be flooded.

Donald K

Had a long discussion with one of my brothers (in his dumber days) about why globull warming would not be bad at all. Even a degree or two warmer (as has occurred multiple times in past history) led to increased growing seasons, and greater abundance of life. He said that it might also make some rare animals extinct. My response, so what? That happens all the time in nature. Extinction pressures have always existed and species must adapt or die. Man is not making anything warmer or cooler, we don't have that kind of power.

Solar Wind

The Medieval Warm Period (950 - 1250) was a Solar Grand Maximum event and life flourished. The Little Ice Age (1300 - 1850) followed and it was a Solar Grand Minimum event, where cold, crop losses due to cold, excessive rain and drought brought chaos. The modern warm period began after 1850, with a Solar Grand Maximum cycle occurring in the 1980s and 90s, ending in 2003, the World flourished. Since 2009, the Sun has been transitioning into Solar Minimum cycle that will last 30 or more years. Humans have to be prepared for food shortages because of cold weather, excessive rain, hail and droughts, increased seismic and volcanic activity.


There are still those gullible folks who believe in anthropogenic global climate warming. Carbon induced global warming was a hypothesis that was quickly debunked by real science. But those in positions to exploit it see it as a way to expand their influence, power and income.