Hey you idiot "global warming people". Why is it so cold in the midwest 60 below in some places. Is it obvious your hoax is EXPOSED?


Donut Tim

Global warming refers to the global "average" temperature increase. Keeping weather records has only been extensive and thorough in more recent times. Each year, record breaking cold temperatures should be expected in several regions and cities. Also expect record breaking hot temperatures in many regions and cities. The records that are broken may be for the year, season, month or day. On average the global temperature is warmer by about 1.5 degrees Celsius. Although global warming is occurring extremely rapidly in geologic terms, it is quite slow in relation to the human lifespan and people do not notice it day-to-day. If it cannot be seen NOW in their personal location, people have a tendency to dismiss it as fake. But temperature measurements are real, recorded, and accessible. Polar and glacial ice melting is real and documented along with rising sea levels.


No it is obvious that you've never read anything in your life other than the back of the box of corn flakes.

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You're a frog. Frogs adapt to temperature so well that you can put them into a pot of water on the stove, turn it on, and the frog will not notice how hot the water is getting because they're so good at adapting to their new environment. The frog with actually stay in the pot until it dies from being boiled, all without ever knowing the water was too hot. You're just adapting to the warmer air because the change is so gradual you don't notice it until you're dead. 100 years ago 60 below temps were VERY normal all across the country, with temperatures that low beginning in October and lasting until March. Now, we get one, maybe two days like this per year? You point to one cold day as proof global warming is not real while ignoring that 100 years ago the calendar would have shown 60-70 days with temperatures that low. This issue is simply too big for you to understand

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30 high temperature records were set in Australia during a two week long heat wave across 70% of the country. It was so hot fruit bats died in their thousands of heat stress, these are animals that evolved to live in a very hot climate.


You idiot global warming deniers evidently missed the prediction that climate chamge wuls also bring wilder extremes. If you would read the entire studies instead of the first two pages you might understand what the scientists are saying.


Weather is not climate.


Where's your source showing that they said there would be no winter, Einstein? If the world warms 2 degrees, on average, it'll be a catastrophe.


LISTEN HERE: Global warming has only been a few degrees since 1880. This small amount of global warming has led to climate change. It could be colder, it could be warmer in places. It could be wetter, it could be drier. The likely reason it is so cold in the mid west now is that the warming at the north pole has led to a weakened jet stream. Normally this jet stream keeps cold air in the arctic. But since it is weakened, it is allowing it to escape-- in this case down to the mid west. Update: The answers that mention extreme weather events are correct. That's one thing that is universal (I said it could be colder or warmer, which is true, but you can count on extreme weather becoming more common). You might want to read this: https://nca2014.globalchange.gov/highlights/report-findings/extreme-weather


Well, for one thing, I don't think it is "60 below" anywhere in the midwest. Maybe some place like International Falls could reach that temperature over the next few days, but I doubt it. I just checked and the lowest temperature observed so far in the U.S. today is -28 F in Badoura, MN--not even close to -60. I think you're talking about "wind chill", but it doesn't really surprise me that you're confused about actual facts, because climate change deniers usually are. Of course "global warming" refers to an increase in the GLOBAL average--not to the temperature recorded for a day or two in a very small portion of the globe, which most people would refer to as WEATHER. By the way, over the past year in the U.S., there have been 11,404 daily record lows set, while there have been 21,907 daily record highs. See what happens when you look at actual data? I guess the only "hoax" that has been exposed is the one where people like you claim the climate is not warming.

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yes of course because the entire world revolves around your home

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It is called Climate Change. Ignore it all you want, it is happening. It is why we've had more extreme weather patterns in the past years. It is part of the earth to cool and warm itself.


yes, I am an idiot for knowing that the global warming actually leads to more extreme weather events, greater excursions ,and variation because the warmth in the atmosphere and oceans destabilizes the patterns we have known for 10,000 years. and you are the smart one.


And Australia's heat wave is taking a toll on people, animals, infrastructure and land. It's summertime in Australia, and the country is in the throes of record-breaking heat waves that have brought suffering to humans, animals and land. Temperatures in the south have soared past 118 degrees Fahrenheit. Things are so bad, that even coal plants are failing.

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Global warming predicts long term climate throughout the world, not just a local weather forecast. Here's what mature people do when something seems to contradict what they have been told. They research the new information to see if there is something more they need to learn. I challenge you to read the well-researched web page linked below. It explains how global warming causes all types of extreme weather, including extreme cold. Then, the next time you won't embarrass yourself by posting your ignorance.


Weather and climate are not the same, my friend.

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Funny you should use that word, don't you know that there is a difference between weather and climate? The main difference between weather and climate is the measure of time. Weather refers to the short-term atmospheric conditions in an area, while climate represents the average daily weather over a relatively long period of time. Climate also includes statistics of weather extremes. The climate also denotes the composite or generally prevailing weather conditions of a region, as temperature, air pressure, humidity, precipitation, sunshine, cloudiness, and winds, throughout the year, averaged over a series of years


Winters are milder here every year on the west coast. I didn't even need to put my snow tires on this year, zero snow days. Cherry blossoms are budding. The climate is changing, it may be cyclical or man made, but it's not the same as a generation ago.


The jet stream has been displaced by global warming. The arctic is warmer than in the past, and a lot of the cold formerly arctic winter air is displaced southward.


Please don't vote.


And up North, some tundra that has been under ice for over 100000 years has been exposed. Learn something about the word "global."

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After hitting single-digit highs tomorrow, we'll have highs in the mid-50's on Monday. That's some impressive warming right there.


No you stupid fvck and we’re getting tired of explaining it to you. Where did you get your lobotomy?




There is no such thing as global warming.


The term "global warming" is a misnomer. The more accurate term is climate change. The sun is entering an 11-year cycle that will make the earth colder. This minimum cycle will be more extreme, a phenomenon that happens every 75 years or so. This will slow climate change, but it will not stop it. The Earth's climate has varied for as long as we have been able to study it, roughly 400,000 years. Annual temps moving up and down, up and down throughout millennia until around 1950, when there were no more downs, and the up became a spike that continues to climb exponentially. US coastal cities from Boston to Miami Beach are all experiencing tidal flooding they have never seen before, and it continues to worsen. Even if you believe climate change is a hoax, where's the harm in pursuing alternate forms of energy? Wind, solar, geothermal and hydroelectric power would create millions of new jobs and continue to grow our economy. We can lead the world in these new technologies, as we did in the industrial revolution. Freeing ourselves from reliance on Middle Eastern oil isn't just an economic imperative, it is a national security imperative. If you believe wind farms are somehow dangerous, build them offshore. Lower energy costs are something we should all be able to agree on. You don't have to believe in "global warming." Horse and buggy cabbies thought automobiles were stupid. Fossil fuel companies and their lobbyists need to stop blocking these technologies and the open market will take it from there. I guarantee once alternate fuel companies start to take off, those same fossil fuel companies will see the writing on the wall and be the first in line to invest in them.

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Climate change is real and has been since the Earth was formed. But it is caused and controlled by the Sun and Earth's relation to it. Humans have nothing to do with it.

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It's called climate change.


Many other events and actions have exposed it as a hoax. It is not about CO2, but gov control. The Frogs are gonna have to replace nuclear with "wind and solar" ..... to , get this, reduce CO2 emissions. .


Happily, the Bible tells us that the earth is “standing even to time indefinite.” (Ecclesiastes 1:4) This is because the Creator, Jehovah God, will not allow man or any natural forces to destroy it. On the contrary, he will “bring to ruin those ruining the earth.”—Revelation 11:17, 18.