What nation contributes the most to Global Warming?



Today, China. Historically, the US. Per Capita, the US.

Word to the Wise

In terms of sheer tons of CO2, that would be China. However, America's per-capita emissions are more than double China's.


The US by a distance, most of Chinas emissions are because China is manufacturing US stuff


In totals to date, the US has contributed the most by far, but at this rate, China, despite their lower emissions per capita, will surpass the US. The good news is that unlike the US China is working hard to cap those emissions and seem to be ahead of schedule meeting their targets under the Paris accord. This is also benefiting their industry, as they are producing the fast majority of solar panels world wide. Sadly emissions in the US have gone up under Trump.

Never Polled

My guess would be India contributes the most man made while Iceland or Guatemala contributes the most natural


If you believe in CO2 or methane driven system China is the answer today. I bet they don't report accurately either.

Solar Wind

None. Humans have no control over the Earth's climate. The Sun is the major driver, along with Galactic Cosmic Ray flux, Planetary Mechanics and Nature.


Anthropogenic CO2 globull warming is a lie.