Is Al Gore correct that the caravans of 'refugees' are caused by global warming?



Are you working for big oil Mike? I did a search to see where the information might have come from, first hit is from WUWT an infamous denier site, who republished it from The Daily Caller, a far right news site founded by Fox host, Tucker Carlson. The author Michael Bastasch has a long history working with organizations tied to Koch Industries. (including the Daily Caller) The Koch brothers spend nearly a billion dollars in 2016 to ensure that the companies they own, continue to get their cut of the 5.4 trillion dollars in direct and indirect subsidies to the fossil fuel industry world wide. Not trusting the author (no skeptic would), I listened to the CNN interview provided in the article, which is quite informative on a number of topics, including the migrants. I would not have listened to it if it wasn't for this "question" so thank you. As for the caravans, experts have been warning for decades of increases in extreme weather and All Gore largely repeated what scientist have said, that the failed harvests due to the drought is one of the principal causes for them making that long journey. I can't say if this particular drought and thus financial hardship is caused by global warming. But I do know that even the Trump White House has now released a report that states that Climate change will cost the U.S. economy half a trillion dollars a year by the end of the century. Trump himself remains a denier, but what do you expect, the report is 1600 pages and we know from people working for him that Trump is unable to read anything that goes over a single page. In the same interview Gore also said that to stem the tide of migrants, the U.S. needs to bring more economic and job security to Central America and work with the region’s governments, so they are not driven away from their homes. Clearly he is not blaming it all on Climate Change as your question misleadingly suggest.


To some extent. Global warming is only part of climate change and it is the other parts, such as mucked-up rainfall, that ruin the agricultural base of the Latin American economy. This leads to people forced into other ways of making a living, such as crime. In turn, that drives people out of their countries.

Michal Sychra

No. They are caused by the terror of criminal gangs in their home countries.


Your source is the Daily Signal, a far-right media outlet that goes out of their way to pick apart news in order to meet their agenda. Climate change is expected to cause refugee crises and wars over diminishing resources, but the major reason immigrants are coming from Central America now is due to the viscious drug cartels. The remedy is to take away their market here in the US. It is your fellow citizens' insatiable demand for illegal drugs that is ultimately responsible for the terrorized immigrants making the dangerous journey to our southern border seeking asylum. The war on drugs is a joke. We are wasting money rounding up drug dealers on the corners of American cities and putting them in prison. Plenty of people are standing in line waiting to take their places. Educate people about all the costs - law enforcement, interdiction, human lives - that have been spent on that snort of cocaine, and maybe it wouldn't be so sexy. Imprison drug users as accomplices in this criminal enterprise, because that's what they are! Can you imagine stockbrokers, college students, attorneys, CEOs, even physicians, being dragged away in handcuffs. How many times would that have to be seen on TV before sales would start to drop?


I haven't heard him say that.


Climate change could be a contributing factor, but I doubt it is the largest. It's funny how climate change deniers hang on every world of Gore, like he is their anti-Messiah. I rarely pay attention to what he says, didn't vote for him and didn't much care for his movie.


Who cares what Al Gore says? Although, I suspect that a lot of people had to evacuate from the California wildfires.


you make up a lot of stuff as most cons do

Donald K

I often attempt to bring some needed perspective to the whole "Global Warming" or "Climate Change" argument. You will see charts with a choppy line, vicious ups and downs, representing tenths of a degree after taking all the Earth's individual temperature readings for an entire year. Really? Distilling an entire Earth-year into one dot on a line on a distorted chart? Those charts plot the temperature on the left scale (reading up and down). Time goes by from left to right, as usual, on the bottom scale. So we see one entire year, represented by one dot, and whether it was a tenth of a degree or two different from the year before. These charts are not measuring what they purport to be measuring. For a truer look at temperature, look at a single reporting station for a year. It is much more enlightening and much more interesting to look at. The temperature will range up and down, each day and night, through all the months of the year. At the end of the year, you can take an average. Even though this location might have had some months warmer than normal, and some months cooler than normal, all in the same year, you will get a number. Then look at the past 30 years for that location. The most remarkable feature is how stable the overall temperature regime is over that period of decades. If you take an unbiased look at the Earth's climate, its stability (on average) is the most remarkable feature!


you lie


There are climate refugees but the caravans are mostly filled with people fleeing the result of US meddling such as the Honduran coup


Fvckin’ A he is! Yes and they are going to be climate refugees in this country also. There are going to be food and water shortages and there are going to be people trying to escape the geographical regions in this country which are the worst and going to other regions. This will cause all sorts of problems. Pretty soon you will see individual states wanting to build walls so people from neighboring states can’t get invade and mooch their valuable resources Like food and water. It’s going to be Like something out of a dystopian science-fiction movie


That means his predictions on ocean rise , 20,40,60 feet and such must also be correct. While even the alarmist IPCC measures the catastrophic sea rise in centimeters. Guess thats because they are internationalists. . Gore was prominently displayed at COP24 which were deciding your future. .


Pfft, He'd blame slipping on a Banana peel on Human Caused Global warming only fixable by politicians taxing and fining Big oil/oil and US paying UN 100 billion a year to redistribute to countries effected by US's success.......yes?


He has never told the truth before, why start now?

Who Dat?

Well statistical probability or the law of averages indicate he should eventually be right about something someday. But unfortunately for Mr Albert Arnold Gore Jr. I don't think today is that day .