Is this the collapse of the Polar melting scam?

Arctic sea ice volume last spring was the highest of the past decade, and this year is well ahead of last year.


LOL! I live in Northern Canada (the Yukon), and the river here has not frozen for the 3rd year in a row, so, no ice bridge yet, stranding the people on the other side. You might want to actually come up north, and see for yourself - where the glaciers used to be, for example. And, the thinning polar ice cap. And, and, and, ....


Highest in a decade? A decade is weather. Come back when sea ice is highest in a century. It won't happen.


Solar wind? More like fart gas! Why not sit down and give your mouth a chance?


That's very new product based on a model that is only about a decade old. If you'd included a version of it with the 2004-2013 mean, you would see that the current volume is below the mean for that decade. However, rather than look at this new model-based product with only a very short time history, let's look at one that covers a longer period from the same website (DMI), that shows the approximate maximum and minimum extents of Arctic sea ice. Here we can look at the trend over several decades, rather than the short time span shown in your plot, and it's very clear that the trend is downward with time, both for the maximum and minimum ice coverage. The only "scam" is the extreme cherry-picking that you do to advance your propaganda.


Your brain is melting


You do know there is a difference between sea ice and glaciers, right.


and thinnest .


false claim.