Now that it’s cold, Why?

Is it climate change?

Atarah Derek

No, just local weather change. Climate change rarely happens on a scale that we would immediately notice or not have time to adapt to. Usually when it does, it's a temporary result of something like a volcanic eruption.


It is winter.


Because its winter my love.


because it's winter


Global warming = warm air makes its way to the pole = the polar vortex is destabilized = part of it escapes to the south, bringing polar winter air with it = BRRR. Global warming = warm air makes its way to the pole = partly melts the polar ice cap = less sea water is cooled and caused to sink = less surface water is brought from the South to replace it (i.e., the polar ice cap is the "engine" for the Gulf Stream) = less heat gets transferred from the Gulf of Mexico to the west coast of Europe = cold and more snow in Europe. Global warming = ... = more heat remains in the Gulf of Mexico area = stronger storms in southern US (tornadoes and hurricanes). and so on.

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Yes, it is climate change. Heat energy from the sun does not just stay as heat energy. It can also manifest as kinetic energy in the form of wind. A more energetic jet stream is pushing arctic air farther south than is typically seen, making it colder for us. While the Midwest and Northeast are struggling with single-digit highs, Alaska is seeing highs in the 40's, much warmer than their typical average for this time of year.


Yup. It starts with warm air flowing toward the poles. This destabilizes the polar vortex, which equalizes the pressure by sending a tongue of cold air toward the equator.


Climate is always changing. Thats the point. Just like UFOs. Just cause you see something you dont recognize doesnt make it an alien invasion from Pluto. occam's razor


The reason for the sudden cold snap is because the Jet Stream, which normally sits somewhere over Canada, has shifted south drawing cold air down from the north.

The Lord Humungus.

The weakening of the gulf stream means an expansion of the polar vortex.


Because this is the winter season.




Well the main problem with your statement is that it isn’t cooling on a global level, deneirs will point at the current local weather in the US and jump up and down. Sadly at the global level weather elsewhere more than balences this, Australia has just had a series of heatwaves hitting new local record highs of 45-49c. On a global level there is no sign of any cooling.

Solar Wind: Global Cooling has begun. http

Global Cooling has begun.


Because of the tilt of Earth's axis.


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