Shouldn't we be all done setting cold records if "climate Change" means too much CO2 acting as a blanket to hold in Heat?

Especially if it is bad enough that the planet will be destroyed in 12 years as the Economics Expert says? Or is it more like this whole scam is such Horseshit, it does not stand up to the most basic scrutiny? Leftists get mighty angry when their principle mantra gets a once-over. Some of you are about to call me anything but a child of god.


It's sad how some Americans are so stupid, and proud of it. Elementary school children are taught the difference between climate change, and seasonal weather.


Future generations will be cursing our stupidity. To bad we will all be dead and not able to get an earful from them

Pascal the Gambler

Weather and climate are not the same thing. That said, the cold records are because the polar vortex fails to stay at the N pole anymore because of ice and snow melt that cause it to basically break up and move further south than normal.


If you want to look at records, for each day look up the hottest year for that date and the coldest year for that date. No matter where you are, you'll find that the hottest year is usually (but not always!) more recent than the coldest year. That doesn't prevent the odd "coldest day" record, but the general trend is hotter.


From what I have read about climate change, we can expect more unpredictable weather, not the end of cold days. Statistically-speaking, the planet is on a warming trend. The numbers don’t really lie in that regard, they are really just a statement of fact, so what’s your explanation for hotter and hotter years? Just curious?


Don't you know? Global warming can also cause everything to get colder. Also, weather has nothing to do with climate. And temperatures are a social construct that don't mean anything and should be ignored, although all scientists everywhere agree that the earth's temperature is rising rapidly everywhere, except where it isn't. (I learned this from the leftists on Yahoo Answers!)


The climatologists have been predicting since the 1970s that the extremes would be both higher AND lower. This weekend may be setting record highs, as much as an degrees Fahrenheit difference. Remember this in July and August when the power goes out and it occurs to you that the elders and physically handicapped might be dying. It's stressful asking for help.

Wage Slave

You're aware that we are talking about the globe as a whole warming, not just the US, correct? The logic you are using is "since I ate breakfast today, nobody else in the world can possibly be hungry". First learn the difference between climate and weather, and then we can start to take you seriously. What were you saying when temperatures in Phoenix were hot enough to melt road signs? Consider this: a reduction in sea ice due to overall global warming has led to a weakening of the polar vortex, which is causing pieces of it to break off and drop south.


Idiot wind Blowing every time you move your mouth Blowing down the back roads headin' south Idiot wind Blowing every time you move your teeth You're an idiot, babe It's a wonder that you still know how to breathe — Bob Dylan


Sorry I don’t know anything about 12year claims of world destruction made by economists and you supply nothing to support your claim. As fas as climate change the actual evidence is from scientists It continues to show a warming planet and deneirs continue to try and ignore this or post links to non-science sites to try and counter this, sites that simply prove the nature of denial has little to do with science.


We are setting roughly twice as many record highs as record lows. If we ever get to the point where we no longer set any record lows, we're going to be in big trouble.


Not necessarily. The amount that Earth has warmed is much less than how much records deviate from normal temperatures.


The heat, hotter areas impact how the air moves on a global scale. The heat is transferred by a number of systems primarily, the oceans. Where heat is transferred around the globe directly impacts what air is pushed into and around what regions. Depending on where the air flows from, is pushed from, dictates the weather patterns that region will experience. The more heat that is shifted around, the more air is pushed, the further it goes and such. Basically, it all is connected through water and air and such. The amount of fresh water that melts, dumps in the seas,(sea rise), the more of an impact it has on the water movement/circulation system around the globe. Everything ties into the heat load. This is all a known, has been happening on the planet from before we were here, many things including green houses gases impact the total heat load, the currents and air shifts also lead to cooling, things like the ice age, which then repels more of the heat load, at one time looked at as the plant self regulating. So basically, cooling and warming are the different sides to the same coin and work together trying to find balance.


Whatever is going on with the climate, etc. God will take care of it. As stated at Isaiah 45:18 "the true God, The One who formed the earth, its Maker who firmly established it, Who did not create it simply for nothing, but formed it to be inhabited." And since he created the earth, he certainly knows how to "fix" climate problems. The earth will stand forever. Ecclesiastes 1:4 explains: "A generation is going, and a generation is coming, But the earth remains forever."

Solar Wind

The Alarmist blanket tactic is junk science. “Heat” is not a “thing” !!! .. “Heat” is a result. You cannot transfer “heat” from one place to another, you can only transfer energy. “Heat” is a result of that “energy”. You cannot “trap” heat, you cannot “pile” heat, you cannot “move” heat, you can only “observe” heat. Actually, CO2 does not heat up when it absorbs Infrared Radiation because it instantaneously re-emits that IR. And that is why it is a “coolant”, the most widely used industrial coolant in the world in fact. It is a “coolant” because it has extremely high emissivity to IR. Interesting factoid, virtually all ice skating rinks in north America use CO2 to freeze the ice for their rinks, saving them almost 40% in energy costs. The so-called “greenhouse effect” is a myth. !!!

Si Imon

Global warming = warm air makes its way to the pole = partly melts the polar ice cap = less sea water is cooled and caused to sink = less surface water is brought from the South to replace it (i.e., the polar ice cap is the "engine" for the Gulf Stream) = less heat gets transferred from the Gulf of Mexico to the west coast of Europe = cold and more snow in Europe.

Gilgamesh King of Uruk

heres the explaination polar ice caps, contain the cold winds by attracting them and keeping them in the north artic, the more the caps melt, the more cold winds will flow south, and to us there, even a five grader can understand now


Global warming = warm air makes its way to the pole = the polar vortex is destabilized = part of it escapes to the south, bringing polar winter air with it = BRRR. Global warming = warm air makes its way to the pole = partly melts the polar ice cap = less sea water is cooled and caused to sink = less surface water is brought from the South to replace it (i.e., the polar ice cap is the "engine" for the Gulf Stream) = less heat gets transferred from the Gulf of Mexico to the west coast of Europe = cold and more snow in Europe. Global warming = ... = more heat remains in the Gulf of Mexico area = stronger storms in southern US (tornadoes and hurricanes). and so on. Therefore, IF global warming is true, then it can only get worst: more heat in the summer, more cold in the winter.