What are your thoughts on global cooling?



the planet is warming


it's a right wing, anti science nonsense argument


It's totally implausible.


It gots its ups & downs. It is right fridget getting up to 65f of a morning. We have had 4 tropical depresions in a row pass the island. On the + side a lot of fancy boys have flown in with long board & fancy rubber suits & say the surf is great running at 12 to 18 foot. They do seem to spend a lot of money here. But there women set a bad example running aroud the beach in nothing but bra & panties. Gives out young ladys a bad impression & spreads those womens rights ideas. We have noticed that the surfice water has turned so cold the kids on the beach have to dig deeper for clams, Crabs are harder to find, with tall waves been a week last I seen S Pacific blue crab or Prawn at the market. We have noticed Tuna are running closer to shore. Why last week a elder lady. Did not go 89lb soaking wet. Hooked into a over 200lb Tuna on a hand line on the beach. Took her 1/2 a day to pull it in & times some of the younger women thought they might need run down & help her. But she managed to drag it up on the beach by herself. Thow 1 of the men did bring her a wheelbarrow & gave her a bow to take it home in. Not normal for a man to bow to a lady. Even a grandmother. Got to be cold afecten the brain. So this global cooling is not all that good. Why next you know we will have events of the century regular. Like the night 20 years back above 5,000 foot it snowed


It will follow the warming, as it always has. Instead of fighting the changes, which will screw it up even more. We should be sinking money into the infrastructure that will be needed. When the waters reclaim what is theirs. Instead, billions upon billions in holding back the tide. Losing battle. We should be focused on what we will be able to grow, and where, as the corn belt slowly fades away. We should be looking at where the fresh water will be, and where it will dry up. Yes, it will screw with some ecosystems now but if we don't do it. Cal will not be the only state that alternates flooding with burning.


the fossil fuel industry pays for phony studies to fool people into thinking their product is not harming the enviroment. Only a fool thinks cooling is happening worldwide


i was at school in the 70s and that was what the world was worrieid about

Truth Hunter

Earth does it's thing and we can't control it.

Mr. P

It was big news in the 1970's, and we were encouraged to burn more fuel. It will happen again - we are interglacial at the moment - that is we are between ice ages. Last time we survived an ice age we ended up in caves eating each other - which is where most religion started- That really was hell, and the promise of asscention to wonderful green pastures was actually the surface. The caves full of burned human remains still exist in what is now the warmer parts of the world so go look it up to see what our future look like. Check out the underground cave dwellings in Greece for example - why was everyone underground? The ARK as such may have just been underground too - lots of evidence of keeping animals safe there, and when all the snow melted - there would have been flooding. Norway has already built it's seed ark underground ready for next time.

Solar Wind

The Solar Grand Minimum is upon us and intensifying. Total Solar Irradiance and sun spots are at 200 years lows, oceans are cooling, galactic cosmic ray flux is up and crop losses due to frost and flooding are increasing.


NASA was the last to admit the sun is in a minimum phase. Their probly just trying to save face, as it is still a political organization. Their still pimping American made GW even as we see record cold. Their reporting record low highs near Canadian border. That means the lowest high temps for each day "on record" as libs like to say. We posted the link to NASA website showing the chart, but liberals standard comment was "B.S. ". Guess they suspect NASA of oil company conspiracy , huh?