Family means nothing?

Anyone else agree blood doesn’t mean anything, I come from a very distant family, most of us don’t talk, half of us don’t even send cards out or wish happy birthdays, it just proves relatives are relatives, quite sad really, such a vile family, I can’t stand any of them and they don’t like me for no reason what so ever, I know for a fact if I was dying none of them would actually care, I don’t even want them at my funeral.

Pearl L

nny fannily is like that too except for nny twin sister and i hate that, i could be dead too and they wouldnt care, they treat nne like inn dead


Unfortunately, I have to agree. My family is the most dysfunctional group of misfits. Growing up was hell in a household full of nightmare behavior from two people who should NEVER have gotten married. Have been able to create my own circle of chosen family


You took those words right out of my mouth, you're the best of them and they don't deserve you, my best friend is my sister, I love her dearly she is always there for me as are my friends whom I value, I hate my ex family they turned against me out of pure jealousy I don't want or miss them at all, so you can keep your sayings ( blood is thicker than water) because so is MUD