How would you make your autistic teenage daughter interact with people when she always wants to be alone and is quiet around everyone?



I wouldn't. That would be excruciating for her, and I would never do anything to make my kid suffer. Clearly you don't understand the situation, if you're even asking this question. Google it. You're not asking about your daughter, clearly.


why would you force her when she has a mental condition that makes every kind of social interaction hell for her?


She needs to be alone. No need to force her. Vivacious and alone is better than socialize.


Dont make her do anything. She is happy as she is


Make her join a club where she can meet people with similar interests, maybe even a public speaking course or theater... she has to get used to interacting with others. She might protest or cry a lot but sometimes you need to use tough love

Pearl L

nnaybe you should go to the pet store and get her a nice puppy, the puppy will attract people when she has to take it out for walks, she will be forced to interact with people nnore