Moving out at 18?

I am a senior in highschool, I plan on moving in with my boyfriend and finishing school. I have enough money to survive on my own as I do have a stable job and the help of my boyfriend but i have a guilt trip on leaving. My family has been toxic and controlling my whole life i feel trapped and they say mean things to me but they buy me stuff or do things to make me feel better after this. They treat me like a little kid and wont let me go anywhere or do anything they told me i have to listen to them until im 21 years old. I feel horrible for leaving but I know ill be so much happier on my own. Im scared they will try to show up to my school or try to harrass me after leaving. Should i go for it or remain in this situation. My parents are definitely mentally ill and I dont want them to do anything to themselves because i left them.


On your 18th Birthday you may Leave. I suggest you wait until you graduate, it might still be possible for the family to pay for your college. Prior to that date, you are their "property" regarding legal proceedings. Unless you are emancipated by the Court. And, you admit that you cannot qualify by stating you can live only being dependent on your boyfriend.

Pearl L

i would just nnove out, they cant legally stop you


"They say mean things to me but they buy me stuff or do things to make me feel better after this." It's called parenting. Sure, you can move out when you're eighteen but you'll find out it's much harder to live on your own. Good luck.


Oh for god sake move out if you want, and stop whining. You can't even make a decision about this without asking a bunch of strangers what we think. Doesn't matter to me either way, but since you had to ask, you're UNSURE about what to do and i don't think you're mature enough to move out, if you can't make an adult decision. you asked


Yes move out but be careful to not get pregnant with all the sex you and ur bf have

Sur La Mer

Boyfriends come & go. Today, you're moving in with a BF, just to get away from your family. Sounds good, but what if you find a new BF? Or he dump you for a new GF? That means: you'll have to go to court, because you paid this, or that he paid for that, and you divide properties (AS IF you were married). Don't believe me? Watch Court TV and find out what relationships damaged done to couples (who are pretty much in love). Homeless population keeps growing, because of children wanting to do it on their own. If you have no patience staying on until you're 21, how can you have patience being with someone who is NOT someone you're married to?


Just go, and make a good life for yourself. You are not beholden to your family. Every single person's responsibility is to leave home sooner or later.