My Dad hits my Mum a lot and sometimes verbally abuses her . what should I do?

My dad has been beating my Mum up before I was even born. He hit her head against a metal rod when I was 1. He hits her for the things that he does wrong. Its just traumatic and sad because I love my Mother so much and she goes through all this.He hits her on her birthdays and even on christmas its horrible. sometimes he says stuff like i ve had girls that look better than you I mean he is just cruel and he clearly doesnt love my mother at all. This other time he hit her because she caught him looking and watcging porn. None if this is her fault and my sister and I are just over it. We love out Mother so much and can t watch her go through this again . I have listed a few things he s done.,the things i ve listed dont even take out a fraction of all the he s done. I m 16 and my lil sis is 10 we are just tirex of his behavior I mean he s not such a good father either.


Do your best to find evidence take a video, and if you see it escalating don’t hesitatae to call the police right then. If she’s getting injured for no reason it’s domestic abuse. He will be arrested. You can go to the police straight away, but In court, they’re gonna want evidence. You have to do something, ur mum can’t and your sister can’t either. Say you are going to your friends,even do that but go to the police. And if you’re confident, tell him your going to the police. If he think his behaviour is right he’ll let you go. But he will know it’s wrong and try and stop you which may make him hurt someone, but it’ll be the last time. Get your sis to record it on your phone and get her to immediately call the authorities.


Evidence those incident and go to the police😪😥 thats all i can say...abuser is bad but its even worse when we allow that to happen to ourselves and loved ones time and time again... we all deserve safe environment we all deserve love 💖

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just tell the police about it, they will conne over and pick hinn up


Can you talk to your mother when your father isn't around? Does she want it to stop and does she realise that she needs to leave him to make this happen? There are wives who haven't yet realised this. Perhaps if your mother realises how you feel then she will realise you have to leave. Of course it would be more fair if your father was the one who left, but will he? Even if the police arrest him they will often let him out on bail. Even if the police or the courts impose a restraining order, if you're in the home he still knows where to find you. And when it comes to the divorce a year or two down the track) the house often has to be sold anyway. You father isn't just going to let you leave either. Often it involves getting a place at a shelter, then all three of you sneaking out of the home while he isn't there, and only then going to the police. He doesn't realise you're leaving till it's already happened. In an emergency you might have to call the police, but to do this you would need to run out of the house and go to a friend's place as he won't let you do this. Unfortunately if your mother isn't ready to accept that she needs to leave him then there is less you can do. If you go to the police and she backs him up then he will punish you afterwards even though you were doing the right thing. You could talk to your school counselor as a starting point. Or contact the domestic violence services in your state for advice. What you can do about this will vary according to the laws where you live, the laws are different in different states and different countries. Further down the track if there's a divorce he might argue for visitation rights, which gives him ongoing contact with you and (indirectly) with your mother. So you may have to make it clear that you don't want to see him again either. And in some places the court will order visitation rights even if you don't want to see him.