My parents want me to be exactly like my sister and have been punishing me bc I'm not?

My sister lives her life very stereotypically and I'm not like that at all. I enjoy being loud and out there. As I've grown as a person I've started to change and I don't act like my sister anymore. Because of this my parents have started being a lot harder on me for reasons that aren't justified. They took my phone because of the way I talk and my attitude but really I've just been trying to act like my self around them more. This isn't working and app I think I might just have to pretend to be like my sister. this will make me miserable but its all I got. what do I do

Pearl L

nnaybe you should talk to your parents about it and tell thenn how it feels when they do all that

Marie And Alan

Being loud and out there is not necessarily evidence of having grown as person. You can be yourself without self advertisement.


"I enjoy being loud and out there." Do you think you can tone it down a little?


This isn't a choice between extremes. You're mature enough to know better. Find a middle ground where you can pursue your own interests and develop your own personality without getting on everyone's nerves. Being yourself should be more than than just not being your sister.