Survivors of dysfunctional families: How did you overcome the rage and bitterness?


Pearl L

i didnt, i still have sonne of that, i dont think people ever get over it

Serene E

Therapy, get into boxing, martial arts, running,.

real estate guy

Been there. I understand. Crappy things happen to you everyday. ONLY YOU! can either hold onto it or let it go. What happen to you is part of you and there is nothing you can do NOW to change what happen or change the people around you. The only thing you have control over is yourself. Of course you can be angry or bitter about what happen. But if you let it define you from this day forward, then YOU are the problem. For example. Your parents didn't love you. Okay - that's crappy. But that doesnt' mean others can't love our or you can't love others. You say, they didn't love me, so I have no idea how to love someone else. Sorry, but you are wrong. You can always learn or change an action. I would highly recommend counseling. And if these people are still in your life, cut them out of your life and move on.


Grow up and move out. That's all you can do.