Friend lied about giving me a Xanax?

So I am 31 years old I have this friend who I’ve known for a few years. We went on vacation together and I took a picture of her in the water with her phone and as I clicked out of her camera, her text messages popped up. In her text messages she was telling someone how annoyed she was with me (I had been worried about getting to our flight on time bc of the gov shutdown) and in her text she wrote her she wants to just tell me to shut up about the government shut down and then sent her friend a video of me when I was drinking and wrote that I was drunk. (which I wasn’t and who cares if I was, I’m not a biligerant drunk by any means) and the icing on the cake was when I saw the text that said “I gave her a Xanax, nurse Sara to the rescue.” SHE DIDNT EVEN GIVE ME A XANAX. I called her right out on it, she said she meant to write “offered” me a Xanax but I don’t think that’s true bc she wrote “nurse Sara to the rescue” after. This is so childish, she felt bad but we haven’t spoken since we got home and I feel like she’s a really bad friend. Why lie about something like that, it’s so bizarre. What do you think?

Kentucky Fried Rat

I agree, she is a terrible friend and stay away from her.


You should stay away from this friend


I wouldn't be friends with her ahes causing more harm then good. Ditch her asap!


"This is so childish" I agree! For someone who claims to be 31yrs old you sound like a 14yr old

Pearl L

i probably wouldnt be friends with sonneone that lied to nne


Like you said, this is really stupid.


Are you sure she didn't slip you one? In your drink? "Give" is a broad term.

Jerry S

drop her as a friend pronto.


Could have lied about a lot more.


She probably just wanted something to talk or complain about, people love complaining about everything these days, as for lying about the Xanax she probably thought it sounded cool or made her look cool or something.


She’s a terrible friend to you. She even talked trash about you to other people. Let her go




Really stupid


She's making up lies and a story to impress her other friend at your expense, thats low. You dont deserve that.


She sounds like an extremely stupid woman. If you were as selfish as her you could flip that situation around. It's slander/defamation depending on where you are in the world. You could also flip her game around as in even though it was nonsense... she just admitted to giving you drugs without your knowing it. Reminds me of a video I watched where a low life moron of a guy robbed a bank and posted it on facebook. There are really some very stupid people out there... A real friend doesn't talk smack behind your back either. I think she's one you need to let go for your own good. She's just one more two faced individual that the world doesn't need.

I care

True friends don't and will not do such as this to each other...….red flag remember it and find friends that are loyal and caring...…..blessings


She not your friend time to let her go


This person is not a friend. She can't be trusted. Ghost her.



The Lord Humungus.

Yeah an you're the douche who went through her phone,


That could be considered slander. Speak to a lawyer. Make your profile private and your post anonymous, or you will ruin the argument for that having posted it on the open internet. I would be cutting ties with a person like that.