Is he a bully?

He keeps trying to convince me to do the opposite what the teaches asks for on major homework assignments. He tells me not to apply for a job since they wouldn’t want me cause he said my resume was no good (little did he know I already applied and got the job), and he keeps making remarks about things I say to the class as if I can’t hear him. He keeps grouping with me for group projects but I hate him so much he excludes me from the group work and just makes rude commentary when I try and do my part. We are both in our last semester of college It seems like we are too old for this problem!

Coach Simon

People who are feeling confident and secure and have self respect don't feel a need to call people names, criticise, bully, shout, etc. Bullies want attention, and my general feelings are that if people allow them to get their way through fear (the ultimate emotional reaction) they are succeeding and will continue. One way to combat verbal bullying is not to ignore them completely as this shows that they are getting to you, but demonstrate that you have heard the remark or whatever with a glance, dismissive wave or brief response ("oh yes", or similar) and THEN ignore them. Why should you care what such a pathetic person thinks of you? (Only weak and needy people feel a need to bully). Alternatively, or in addition, try to use some humour (U.K. spellings!). It need not be mocking humour, but some light-hearted banter can often diffuse situations. Put on an imaginary suit of golden armour, and visualise the unkind remarks (or those you perceive to be unkind - be very careful not to imagine a slight when none is intended) as arrows, harmlessly bouncing off your armour and falling to the ground.