Should I even text my friend who has blocked me?

It’s been over a week. I think she forgot to block me on iMessage. The thing is she told me she needed a break from me and that I was exhausting her and annoying her from my problems. Truth to be told I was acting a bit needy towards her and I see now she was right to do so. We’ve been talking 6 years and I don’t want the friendship to be ruin. I’m respecting her wishes but I want to fix the friendship. I’m thinking about waiting a few more weeks and a long a s s apology hoping to restore our friendship. So is 3 to 4 weeks reaosnable. I know that she was right to block me I deserved it. I’m deeply sorry and I just want to fix things and apologize or if the friendship is over seek closure. Would texting on iMessage seem stalkerish or justifiable ... I’m hoping she might text me but I doubt it. She’s the type that you need to apologize to and explain why it won’t happen again. I need help I don’t know what to do. 6 years of friendship and I just miss her. This was the first time she’s ever blocked me in the 6 years talking


Give her some space and when she’s ready she’ll come talk to you again. If she doesn’t talk to u after 2-3 weeks maybe send her a text to show her u miss her

Pearl L

i would leave her alone and leave it up to her, its hard to be friends with sonneone that dont want to talk to you anyways