What to do when u have no friends?

I cut off contact with the one friend i had because i felt like he didnt appreciate me for numerous reasons but now i legit have no friends. im socially awkward and cant make friends help


One can assume when a person shares their identity, they intend to be recognized for the sake of friendship and conversation. When one refuses to share such, they choose to not be recognized, nor share friendship. It's not difficult to understand your situation, you like loneliness, and no chance for anyone to intrude. Anonymous is self worth unknown.


Well just keep going and make new friends


Wait a while before finding a good friend, soon you’ll find a good best friend.


erm, it's okay, don't worry much, live each day as it comes, one day each at a time, I am sure you will find friends aka meet people along this journey of life, :)..and go to church...you need God, God's word to guide you, heal you!!