Why is my friend lowing her standards?

My friends 18 and travels the world. Shes beautiful and could have any one she wants. Yet shes been dating long distance with a 30 year old greasy fast food worker with no hair who thinks his bands gonna go somewhere. I'm not tryna be that petty friend but, I just cant comprehend what she could see in him. I know looks aren't everything but shes WAY out of his league. Also yes I know I'm coming off as rude so dont troll around in the comments.

Dances with Weed

You dont choose who you fall in love with.

They Pelted Us With Rocks And Garbage

Gee her parents have money and she travels.

Suzy Q

Well, if she really is THAT attractive, she could be suffering from 'jerk syndrome' as described in the Discworld novel Thud: "This is a condition that may be experienced by a woman who is so beautiful, so alluring, that <...> any man with half a brain isn't even going to think about asking her out, because it's obvious she's too grand for the likes of him. This leads her to believe that the problem is at her end, and that there must be something wrong with her. This persists until she meets a man who does not have half a brain (i.e. is too stupid to realize she'll likely reject him, or is so used to rejection that it doesn't bother him, or has some other flaw that stems from an even more major flaw), and he does in fact ask her out, and she is so grateful that she says yes"


Jealousy is a curse.